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It’s like I’ve been saying from the git-go, Christians are being driven out from everywhere they have lived in the Middle East and elsewhere, from time immemorial , by the jihad.

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Bethlehem’s last Christians?

Op-ed: World, churches silent in face of Islamic persecution of Palestinian Christians

Published: 04.28.12, 16:27 / Israel Opinion

Veteran CBS News anchor Bob Simon just reported on the Palestinian Christians, indicting Israel’s “occupation” as responsible for their dramatic disappearance. The 60 Minutes story caused Israel tremendous PR damage.

Yet largely ignored by Western media, a systematic campaign of Muslim persecution against the Christians is taking place in Palestinian areas. It’s a religious and ethnic cleansing campaign silenced by the global churches.

Christians have long been the frontrunners of Arab nationalism. The most prominent Palestinian intellectual was a Christian, Edward Said. The propaganda term “Nakba” has been penned by a Christian, Constantin Zureiq. The terrorist George Habash was a Christian, as was Yasser Arafat’s wife. Azmi Bishara, the Arab MK who leaked secrets to Hezbollah, comes from a middle-class Christian family from Nazareth.

Since the first Intifada, Palestinian Christians created a Muslim-Christian unity to portray Israel as the aggressor, colonizer and invader. They thought that the Islamic-Christian front against Zionism would help secure their position in the Arab world. Indeed, Arab Christians, and especially their judeophobic clergy, have been in the vanguard of the battle for the destruction of Israel. It was a political operation that also served to cover the crimes committed against Christians by the PLO and the Islamic groups: forced marriage, conversions, beatings, land theft, fire bombings, commercial boycott, torture, kidnapping, sexual harassment, and extortion.

The latest victim has been the Baptist Church in Bethlehem, which the Palestinian Authority just declared as illegitimate, as the US church’s message of reconciliation flies in the face of the hateful propaganda permeating Palestinian society. Arab Christians were obliged to make continual compromises, afraid to mention their own suffering for fear of irritating the Muslim authorities. Soon it became a taboo subject even in the West.

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  1. Muslim countries are a lesson in intolerance and discrimination. Pakistan was 15 or 20% Hindu now its like 1%. Turkey was Christian by a similar percentage upon its founding. Non-Muslims aren’t even allowed to be citizens of S’audi Arabia not Jews of Jordan. Lebanon, Syria , Iraq, “Palestine” and Egypt are doing their best to rid themselves of non-Muslims too. South Sudan is the newest country because of 20 years of genocide against non-Muslims by Muslims. The same is going on in Nigeria and almost every country Muslims are the majority.

    At the end of the day Islam has to be judged by its record. To paraphrase Einstein; the next world war will be Muslims vs the World. The 4th World War will no doubt be fought with sticks and stones.

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