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Yes folks, another outrage.

Get it folks? Any opposing view to Islamic ‘norms’ and sensibilities, will bring the supposed offender into conflict with the status quo. This rapper takes pot shots in his lyrics at the tenth imam of Shi’ite Islam, and he gets a death sentence fatwa for it.

There are those (in the Finnish blogosphere and elsewhere) who try to paint this blog as being ”racist” and ”bigoted” towards Muslims in general, but who of them stands up for courageous Muslims and apostates outside of those blogs resisting Islamization? Who of these ankle biters have been willing to take on, and slog out it with the whacko Islamic fundamentalists like the TT has over the past 6 years?

The only issue the Left can be expected to take up and demonstrate in favor of, is pro sharia law advocating Muslims and against the Jewish state of Israel. You’ll never see a march of these so called “human rights” activists demonstrating against FGM, wife beatings and honor related crimes, child marriages and female discrimination under sharia law.

People like Shahin Najafi (I don’t even know his politics and religious leanings, but he’s still deemed a Muslim by Islamic standards) need to be supported, especially now since there is so much against him, not only by blood thirsty clerics, but also by the morons in the West who refuse to wake the hell up and defend our (and his) civil liberties and the Western way of life that musicians like Najafi emulate.

Simply put, the only ones seriously advocating for human rights in the Islamic world and here in the West, are folks like us in the anti-Islamization networks, who take up these issues on a daily basis, trying to wake people up to the reality that is 7th century Islam in the 21 century.

The sentence was issued after Najafi released a controversial song called “Naqi.”

The song sparked a furor among protesters who believe it to be offensive to Imam Naqi, the tenth Imam in Shi’ite Islam.

News website Asr Iran, which is closely tied to the regime in Tehran, launched an online campaign calling for the hanging of Najafi. The website stated that the aim of the campaign was to have Najafi condemned for apostasy, a crime that carries the death penalty in Iran.

The campaign organizers have called on all Shi’ites and Muslims in general to find and kill Najafi and “send him to hell,” according to the website.

Najafi, 31, was an underground artist during his time in Iran, and was banned by the authorities from performing in the country. He moved to Germany in recent years where he joined a group called “Tapesh 2012” which performs politically-motivated songs in Persian.

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