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To all you fence sitters out there, this is what happens when you get an intolerant ideology mixed up with a tolerant society steeped in multicultural bull crap protected by the enforcers of political correctness. The judge is making a biased assumption that the people are not capable of rendering a just verdict based on the evidence alone, which is more than enough to convict him as I understand the case.

NOTE: To all my Australian readers out there, do they appoint judges or are they voted into office as in the US? If it’s the latter, ensure that this judge is tossed out on his ear come next elections.

H/T: Steve Bronfman

Muslim man granted judge-only trial in NSW

A Muslim man was granted a judge-only trial in NSW on the grounds a jury may be biased because of his strict religious beliefs.

Ismail Belghar, 36, is believed to be the first Muslim in Australia to be granted the special trial, the Daily Telegraph reports.

The decision by Judge Ronald Solomon was revealed in the NSW District Court yesterday after Belghar pleaded guilty to detaining and assaulting his sister-in-law because she had “dared” to take his wife to the beach without asking him first.

He had initially been charged with attempted murder.

Judge Solomon had granted Belghar the trial back in March after agreeing he may not receive fair judgment with a jury.

“The attitude of (Belghar)… is based on a religious or cultural basis,” Judge Solomon said.

“In light of the fact there has been adverse publicity regarding people who hold extreme Muslim faith beliefs in the community, I am of the view that the apprehension by (Belghar) that he may not receive a fair trial is a reasonable apprehension.”

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4 Responses

  1. Unfortunately – judges are appointed here:

    “Under the Australian Constitution and those of the States, judges are appointed by the Queen or her representative. In practice, the actual decision is made by cabinet or even by the Prime Minister or Premier. There is no community consultation, no selection criteria and no transparency.”

    However , obvious errors like this judge’s idiotic decision can be corrected by other judges as errors of law.

    1. Thanks Jeff. That’s a shame…higher courts of course in the US are appointed, but at the lower local level they are elected. While not entirely perfect, I prefer elected judges, as well as police chiefs etc…

  2. And what about people who hold extreme socialist views – eg that shoplifting is OK?
    Or people who hold really strong beliefs against gays and bash them?
    Do they get special treatment too?

    And what if this creep’s extreme muslim faith beliefs had him have a ‘sudden jihad syndrome’ moment against the surrounding infidels? Special treatment from a judge?

    What’s he doing in Australia anyway if his ‘extreme muslim beliefs’ mean he can’t tolerate people not doing what his extreme muslim beliefs tell him they should be doing?

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