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I have said it repeatedly, these socialist states that have fed the public the notion that “money is free, so let the good times roll”, will not be willing to allow their easily won over constituency to be disappointed and start looking elsewhere. Instead they’ll promise “more good times are a coming just around the corner, all we need to do is attack the wealthy and spend our way out of the mountain of debt” that they have created by crazy entitlement spending etc..

NOTE: Greece has to leave the monetary union, and I lay odds that other southern states leave it as well.

Greek vote plunges bailout, euro membership into doubt

07 May 2012, 16:21 CET

(BRUSSELS) – The rise of anti-bailout parties in Greece threw the country’s debt rescue into fresh doubt on Monday as markets wavered and European partners worried over revived risks of a eurozone exit.

“We see significant potential for a new Greek government to miss the next round of targets,” said economist Guillaume Menuet of Citi, referring to tough budget cuts and reforms agreed in exchange for 240 billion euros of international rescue funds.

Menuet cited a sharply-raised, 75-percent “probability” of what he labelled “Grexit” within 12-18 months.

Pro-bailout mainstream parties on the right and left failed to secure a majority in parliament with a combined share of the vote of just 32.1 percent while far-left and far-right groups made enough gains to acquire significant bargaining power in talks to form a coalition.

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  1. I like what you wrote about Greece. I loath that country and most Swedes flock to it. In 2004 Newsweek wrote, A bridge to nowhere about how Greece was milking every Euro it could and wasting it. The more I studied the EU the more dirt I found on ‘the EU’s bad boy’. Nouriel Roubini said 2 years ago with Greece it was not economics, just simple math showed they could never repay their debts. That being said, xenophobia and or fear that Muslims want to take over the EU is ignorant, hateful and just plain being a bad human.

    1. Hey Ameriswede, I appreciate your thoughts on Greece. Your points on Islam however, and this blog, are well off the mark. And I’m being very gracious with you here. It’s a fact that Europe is being Islamized as I write this. It’s been highlighted by an umpteenth number of writers and experts. It’s a fact. It might not be happening in YOUR neighborhood, but try telling non-Muslims and ex-Muslims who fled the ME who live in areas going completely Islamic…that Islamization is not a reality. They would beg to differ.

      Your problem is that you are looking at Islam as “just a religion” like any other religion, when it’s not, it’s a de facto political, economic, judicial, militaristic and societal entity, and what makes it a menace, is that all four schools of Islamic jurisprudence uphold the overwhelming majority of the views held by the so called “extremists” (actually believers in the fundamentals of Islam, Islam 101, like mohamed taught)

      The other issue that should worry the hell out of you if you value your civil liberties, is that Islamic sharia, effects you, the non-muslim, as much as it did to every other non-Muslim living amongst Muslims ever since Islam became a military/political force. I would be against any other religion as well if it included the very same dynamics, and meant to subjugate the free democratic liberal (classical sense) world, but they don’t.

      Islam effects you and I whether we belong or don’t belong to it. If that makes me bigoted in your eyes, then it’s you that has the problem, not me. I look forward to reading your response, please feel free to leave it.

  2. Nice reply. The thing is living in Sweden has changed my perspective big time. I saw the video you posted, were you in Stockholm? I have walked through that square many times but now live in the woods (somewhat like Thoreua) 3 hours north of Stockholm. I am a teacher here and one of my subjects is political science. What I will concede is that the integration of Islam/Muslims within the European Union is not going well. The extreme right political parties are on the rise big time. Maybe you think this is good as many of these people would feed off the dribble your blog provides. I however do not. The Muslim population within the EU is about 4%, and even if you buy the most paranoid prognosis it will be only 25% by 2100. Sweden has taken more refugees from midlle eastern countries than all of the other EU countries combined. So if the pot is going to boil over, than it will likely be here. The Swedish Democrat party in the 2010 election had almost 7% of the vote and they are anti-immigration hard right. What bother me is that they beat the Christian democrat party.
    I look forward to your reply. I see Israel as a rogue nation. They have committed war crimes big time and those friggen settlements they keep building need to stop. Nice wall they built too. They used white phosphorus bombs on Gaza and those are outlawed internationally. But no worries because the blatantly ignorant United States always has their back. I think they should have given them New York state post WWII and the world would be a much safer place. Alastair Crooke is the man and Obama should send him to Israel and get them to go to the table for a 2 state solution.

    1. First of all, thanks for the response again, you keep it pleasant, and so will I 🙂 Yes I was just in Stockholm, that was my camera taking the film.

      Second of all, I don’t provide ”dribble” (though you probably meant ”drivel”, but the idea is the same) to my readers, I provide a daily feed of stories about Islam in Europe and elsewhere throughout the West, as well as top notch interviews and reports from serious minded individuals who see what we are up against.

      Thirdly, I’m glad that you admit “things are not gong well” in Sweden with regards to integration, that’s the first baby step towards sobriety. I must tell you though, it is no wonder that ”integration is not going well”, seeing that Sweden has doven head first into the pool of multi-culturalism, which means integration is not the aim of the multiculturalists that run Sweden, nor the Muslims who insist on 7th century Islam in a 21st century Sweden. The two are diametrically opposed to each other, one has to give, and mono-culture Islam appears to be winning the day as it has throughout its entire history.

      Fourthly, what you call extreme “right-wing parties”, are actually mainstream movements that have people motivated to stem the tide of intolerance that’s making havoc of our liberal mores and values and democratic society. Most people I know are libertarian conservatives/greens/humanists/atheists etc.. simply sick to death of Islam, and know from history (Islam throughout history) how things will turn out if matter are left unchecked. No one I know has problems with individual Muslims per say, but against those pushing for sharia, for when it’s all said and done, it is all about sharia, and there is no such thing as “just a little of sharia”. Once the foot is in the door, monoculture Islam (its a very supremacist and imperialist ideology) is here to stay.

      Fifthly, about the Muslim population, even wikipedia held Europe’s Muslim population at 7.2% in 2007, five years later its over 10% for sure.

      Islam in Europe Blog has recent and even more dire figures

      Original forecasts are also being revised

      I think that its fair to say that the numbers are being low balled, and that the number of illegal Muslim migrants are not even being counted. That said, even if your assumption is right, that by 2100, the percentage of Muslims in Europe is around 25%, that should be of worry to you, for future generations that we are saddling with immense problems.

      While you may hold out for a “reformation” of some sort to help moderate the majority, teh West simply doesn’t have the time, money and people to help bring this about, in short, time is running out, and monoculture Islam is carrying the day. Soon we will see homosexuals scurrying for cover, women officially back into the role of child bearers and caretakers for their misogynist husbands and the last gasp of liberty gone. It only take a generation for liberty to be extinguished.

      About Israel being a ”rogue” nation, I can’t find a more disgusting way to label that country than to describe it as rogue. Sorry, but that’s how I feel. I know the recent Israeli ambassador to Finland, Avi Granot, his parents were saved by Oskar Schindler. He told me one day about someone calling an Arab state…rogue, and he was very upset about it, he thought that even if that country was at war with his, at least diplomatically, it was never proper to label it as “rogue”. I hope that you will rethink that position.

      As for war crimes, you simply can’t believe the lazy and biased main stream media. I know for a fact that the Finnish military holds the IDF with the highest regard, they know that the IDF goes out of its way to avoid civilian casualties, much more so than NATO, and of course the Arabs themselves who have killed far more Arabs than the Jews have. Just look at the past year in blood letting. I wouldn’t trust the media if you paid me to. Again, no war crimes have ever been committed, and as for the security fence, It’s over75% chain link fence and walled only where sniper fire has prompted it, and the areas are in limited space (so as not to level housing to make room for the wide width the fence demands).

      The settlements..don’t you think that as Jews, that they have competent international lawyers that can provide their side of the story? That they have a good legal standing to be there? The 67” war ended in the areas of judea and samaria being in ISrael’s hands, and the UN at the time (as reflected in UNSC242) understood that it wasn’t going to demand Israel leave every spec of land under its control, the Jews call the old non-contiguous state as ”Auschwitz borders” as being totally indefensible. They refuse to go back to them and UNSCR242 realizes that. Its a Chapter six resolution, meaning that the UN realizes that Israel did not obtain that land illegally, unlike Iraq did with Quwait which was a chapter seven.

      Also, Israel used white phosphorous MARKERS for providing cover for moving troops and for marking areas to be shelled. They were entirely legal under international law, which Goldstone later admitted. Tehre is so much blue smoke and mirrors by the Arabs and the media that the lie gets out there and it takes days for the truth to catch up to it. Also, you better be glad that the US has Israel’s back, an Israel that is left to fend for itself will that much more deadly in its confrontations because it knows that its in a do or die situation.

      Its a fallacy to believe that the ME would be a normal place with the state of israel, all the wars that take place in and around Israel have nothing to do with them, nothing whatsoever. Arabs are killing Arabs and will continue to do so because they are not free societies. How would you feel if others were mulling over the legitimacy of the Swedish state? Maybe it should be given back to the Saami people? Well that’s where that kid of thinking leads, and its wrong headed. The war will continue because the arabs do not want peace (western concept of it) and fear losing out on all that aid they’re busy stuffing in foreign accounts and using as a slush fund.

      Check this post out and the video and realize…Bakri’s views are more mainstream in Sweden and elsewhere, than you would care to believe.


      60% of Belgian residents will be of foreign descent by 2060

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