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Äänekoski police dept.

This is what happens when one dares to stand up to radical Marxists flying their Marxist colors and Che Guevara flags on poles. All hell breaks loose!

I went down to the police station today to file a report on the man  Ilídio Monteiro Flores, who shouted “Death to Conservatives”, and talked with really nice officers,  explaining my side of the events on what happened on May 1st., prior to, and during the May Day march.

I wanted to ensure that Flores, who works with children in the schools and on the football pitch, would be talked to by the police concerning his repeated calls to genocide of all conservatives during the period in question. While everyone has a right to express their opinions, no has the right to incite murder, and what makes it even more egregious is that it was done repeatedly, and in the company of children.

The second officer I talked with stated that there were many phone calls made and charges leveled at me, saying that I called them idiots (I did mention morons, but that was after they had long since passed by) and other foul language etc. That’s why it’s important to carry a video camera, I caught the entire exchange.

The police officer took down my details and information, and will be launching an investigation into Mr.Flores’ comments (all I really want is for him to apologize and publicly tell all the children that were present that day that: “no matter how your opinions are challenged, you can’t voice calls for the murder of anyone, let alone an entire group of people).

Mr.Ilídio Monteiro Flores’call for genocide completely underscores the entire point of my demonstrating on May Day, that socialism, both psychically, economically and I’ll also add mentally, is an extremely deadly ideology. The first thing from the lips of Flores was “death” to whomever, not once did it cross his mind to discuss, let alone debate me. He ironically made my point better than I could have.

Let me see here, Flores (wearing a keffiyeh) called not only for my death, and other capitalists like me, but also in a very political setting, May Day.

Terrorism: “The use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.”


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  1. That calling someone an idiot in Finland warrants a defense at all — THAT is the tragedy!

    Free speechLESS Europe is DOOMED.

  2. Siis eikö herralla ole parempaa tekemistä kun levitellä tämmöstä tänne? Ilidio kyllä huuti että kuolemaa porvareille , so what? sanavapaus.mutta ei ole uhkaillut ketään sen enempää eikä haukkunut. Ja henkilökohtaisestin herran tuntien ei oikeasti halua kuolemaa kellekkään.Vapaa on osottaa mieltään ja ilmaista omaa mielipidettä mutta onko toisten henkilökohtaisten tietojen levittäminen ja kuvien laittaminen / kopioiminen sitten oikein? Minusta ainakin lapsena tuntuu aika pahalta nähä täällä tämmöistä. Ilidio ei kummiskaan ole mikään rikollinen taikka murhaaja!

    1. Hey Amanda, Ilidio is a grown adult, a person who is in full control of his own faculties. He shouted death to me and everyone like me, that’s incitement to violence, and if I were him, I would be very scared what the police and the criminal unit will be thinking about it. He hasn’t a case, he said it repeatedly on both occasions, going to the staging area at the train station, then during the marxist march.

      No one forced him to utter it, and the way he said it, sounds to me that he’s very used to uttering it. It’s all on him, he stepped into it big time. I think it’s time for a major ”mea culpa” by him, and apologies issued to me, and a talking to all the children whose ears he assaulted with the cry of death to me and all other conservatives.

      There is no freedom of speech for call to murder, that much I do know, and slowly,……your pal Ilidio, is coming to realize.

    2. Rikokseen yllyttäminen on rikos.

      Rikoslaki 5 luku 5§

      Joka tahallaan taivuttaa toisen tahalliseen rikokseen tai sen rangaistavaan yritykseen, tuomitaan yllytyksestä rikokseen kuten tekijä.”

    3. Amanda Flores: Sananvapauteen ei kuuluu huutaa “kuolemaa porvareille”, eli sananvapauteen ei kuulu rikokseen yllyttäminen. Miehesi? Ilídio vaikuttaa kusipäältä.

      KGS: Do not expect justice.

      Ilídio Monteiro Flores is a real immigrant – you are not. Ilídio Monteiro Flores earns his money from the government – you don’t (I guess you work in private sector).

      In Finland it has always been a left wing privilege to be violent, trash public/private property, shout death to opponents etc. They walk free without penalties and they know it. But you will be punished if you try to protect yourself or if you try to do the same as these communist morons.

    4. Jos joku nahkatukka huutaisi uusnatsien marssilla kuolemaa juutalaisille Hitlerin naamalla varustettua lippua liehutellen, olisitko yhä samaa mieltä?

  3. Blandir (portar) una bandera con la imagen de un terrorista como ernesto guevara, que le hizo tanto daño a Hispanoamerica, y que fue justamente ultimado por las autoridades bolivianas, como forma de ensarlzar a alguien que no toleraba otros puntos de vista distintos al suyo, es un insulto.

    Los comunistas son unos sin vergüenzas.

    ¿Que sigue?…¿Van a burlarse de todos al poner en posicion de veneracion al criminal islamo-marxista de ilich ramirez, de la misma forma en la que hizo el gobierno rojo de venezuela, en cabeza de su lider, el tirano autocrata hugo chavez?.

    Google trans from Spanish:
    Brandishing (carry) a flag with the image of a terrorist like Che Guevara, who did so much damage to Spanish America, and that was just killed by the Bolivian authorities as a way to ensarlzar someone who did not tolerate other views than their own , is an insult.

    The Communists are about without shame.

    What’s next? … Will they make fun of all to put in a position of veneration to the Islamo-Marxist criminal Ilich Ramirez in the same way you did the red government of Venezuela, headed by its leader, the autocrat tyrant hugo chavez?.

  4. I always carry two video cameras KGS, one overt, the other covert. NSE!

  5. Lähetin tästä “kuolema porvareille” -huutelusta ilmiannon apulaisvaltakunnansyyttäjä Jorma Kalskeelle.

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