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  1. This interview was as revealing as it was stunning. Bravo to Hannity and Fox for actually airing it. One cannot help but anticipate the other shoe falling on this episode.

    Back in 2010, another well known msm journalist, Glenn Beck @ CNN Headline News welcomed Geert Wilders to expose the threat of Islamization (video link).

    Shortly thereafter, when Beck moved over to Fox News (video no longer available dueto Fox’s claim of copyright), Beck betrayed Wilders, having identified Wilder’s as fascist.

    ““A man who inspires fierce emotions.”
    “Anger on the streets of London. The object of the demonstration was a recent visit by Far-Right Dutch politician Geert Wilders.”
    “His Anti-Muslim rhetoric makes him a target of critics.”
    “Wilders says Muslim head scarves should be banned, he’s branded the Muslim prophet Muhammed a pedophile and likened the Muslim Koran to Mein Kampf.”

    more here

    Color me skeptical . . .but how long before Hannity/Fox turns on Wilders this time?

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