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The author errs in her report. While Islam says nothing about enforcing a head to toe body bag, no one in Islam is ever really free “to choose their own path”, it all depends upon the society in which they live. If they happen to live in the West, (before Saudi money influenced mosques) you’ll see looser standards, meaning more freedom to choose.

Even in a non-Western countries (but heavily influenced by Western standards…) you would have seen this “freedom” on some level in varying degrees. But, whenever Islam is seen in ascendancy you’ll see the push to Islamize themselves and then the non-Muslim areas within their range of influence.

NOTE: Chiara Onassis is either ignorant or pushing a Muslim apologetics.

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  1. The veiling of Muslim women is inherently a pre-Islamic element that has crept into Islamic ideology. The first recorded instance of veiling for women is recorded in an Assyrian legal text from the 13th century BCE, which restricted its use to noble women and forbade prostitutes and common women from adopting it. Hence, the first use of the veil dates back to about 1380 to 612 B.C.E. Assyrian legal writings preserved on engraved stone tablets detail the first laws concerning the concealment of women’s faces. The basis of these laws is found in the very different legal status of Assyrian men and women. Assyrian men enjoyed a great deal of power, while women de facto had none. Women were considered property and legally belonged to their fathers until marriage, when ownership passed to their husbands. Assyrian laws about veils enforced the different status of men and women and also defined the differences between types of women. This very viewpoint is akin to Muslim dress codes and Islam’s thoughts on ‘women having to behave in a modest fashion’. Therefore, prostitutes and common women would have been easily discernible from ‘the elite’ in the Middle Assyrian Empire. Veiling became quite commonplace within Mesopotamia in later stages (i.e. after the Middle Assyrian Empire), regardless of ethnicity or particular cultural background of the nations that consecutively dominated the region. Across different empires and ethnicities in Ancient Mesopotamia, veiling thus became a standard practice to emphasize the status of high caste women, discerning them from all other women, particularly those of “ill repute.”

    Some Western Islam critics formulate a specific criticism of Islamic veiling of women, pointing to the fact that the Quran does not explicitly make the detailed practice of women’s veiling obligatory, and therefore they claim that Islamists have no religious cause to force this upon Muslim women. Alas, these critics fail to realise that in Mohammed’s day ‘women’s modesty’ would have traditionally been widely understood as women having to veil themselves in accordance with the pagan cultural background of Mohammed’s era as it already existed well before Islam took hold. (and which derived directly from the pagan Middle Assyrian legal traditions with regards to the status of women)

  2. Muslim women of all ages have to deal with this, and some will die and be mutilated. That is not something to be happy about, but the victims have to stand up for there to be any change. Look at other change movements. It has to start with the victims, or it won’t work.

  3. Therefore, Islamic thoughts on women’s modesty are actually derived from the pagan culture of 7th century Arabia, and adopted wholesale into the new ideology. When the Quran makes references to the modesty of women, this automatically implies that they have the obligation to veil themselves, because the practice stems from a 7th century pagan viewpoint that has carried over into Islamic ideology unchanged, and that itself stemmed from the Middle Assyrian legal codes.

    Middle Assyrian Law has it that: “If the wives of a man, or the daughters of a man go out into the street, their heads are to be veiled. The prostitute is not to be veiled. Maidservants are not to veil themselves. Veiled harlots and maidservants shall have their garments seized and 50 blows inflicted on them and bitumen poured on their heads. ”

    (The whole listing of translated legal codes with regards to the low status of women in Assyria can be checked on:

    Veiling is therefore another pagan (pre-Islamic) component of Islam, and it serves no purpose claiming that it has nothing to do with the Quran. In other words, the Quran does not have to go into greater detail in other to explain what the concept of modesty for women actually entails in practice, and therefore every Muslim will traditionally understand what this means without the Quran having to spell it out. Mohammed has eclectically incorporated as much elements of other cultures and pre-Islamic legal practices into his own ideology to forge a so-called ‘new religion’, one that in reality is far removed from being innovative in both theory or practice.

    The real criticism should concentrate on the very fact that Muslims adhere to redundant, inefficient and dysfunctional rituals and beliefs that are in no way adaptable to the requirements of this modern day and age and the ever evolving complexities of modern societies. Many of the core legal tenets of Islamic jurisprudence in general and the low status of women in particular mirror the attitudes of the Middle Assyrian legal codes to some degree. To any Westerner, it should be apparent that such laws can only be deemed backward and that Islam is basically an equally backward ideology as a consequence.

  4. Anyone who considers the historical facts can conclude a few things from the way pre-Islamic legal codes have seeped into Islam unnoticed:

    1) Islam is not a “relatively new religion.” (as some PC/MC ‘elites’ would proclaim in order to defend it in the 21st century.)
    2) It can’t possibly be adapted to modernity
    3) Islam and Muslims have a rigid view to the point that they keep perpetuating ancient legal codes to this very point in time.
    4) Hence, there can be no such thing as ‘moderate Islam’.
    5) Hence, Islam is the most backward ideology imaginable in the 21st century.

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