Derrick Bell's Critical Race Theory Obama's Socialist Pals



It’s racism, bigotry and anti-Semitism rolled into one.

The anti-Semitism of the radical Left that Obama represents, and apparently his fellow (not so hard-left) Democrats are willing to stomach out of political expediency, should raise the hair on every neck of every Jew and philosemitic person belonging to that party, as well as within the ranks of the Independents and Republicans.

That the Obama water-carrying media refuses to expose this dark feature in current Democrat politics is telling. Heck, they even gave nut-job Ron Paul pretty much a free pass on his race baiting, anti-Semitic newsletters that he signed off on for decades. So the media itself is to blame for not bringing this to the public’s attention.

NOTE: If not for the Breitbart organization being the consistent clarion of this inconvenient information, no one would be talking about it.


When Breitbart.Com broke the story of Barack Obama’s endorsement of the activism of Professor Derrick Bell the President’s loyal defenders pulled out the Purell. Another of the administration’s formative influences needed the stench of antisemitism, racism, militancy, and Marxism sanitized.

Mediate’s Tommy Christopher decided to get his hands dirty:

The conservative family of Big sites have lately devoted themselves to smearing the late Professor Derrick Bell as a “radical” who committed the unspeakable outrage of hugging our future president, releasing the “incriminating” footage of then-Harvard Law Review President Barack Obama introducing Prof. Bell at a pro-diversity protest.

Were the President’s new media critics putting forth “dishonest, context-free readings”? Were we transforming a kindly, “pro-diversity” scholar into a radical hatemonger just out of a blind rage for the President? Christopher lectured from his perch:

There are lots of reasons to be upset about things that Prof. Bell said. His chosen subject matter was controversial, and his theory was, necessarily, also controversial. That’s what a theory is. However, if you can’t even be honest about what he actually said, you give up your place in the conversation.

In analyzing Bell’s 1998 book Afrolantica Legacies, I sought to neutralize the cherry picking charge with thoroughness and extended excerpts photographed directly from the book’s pages. Twenty-one blog posts explaining every essay in the book have been edited into a 9000-word guide featuring more than 30 images excerpting key passages. Throughout, I demonstrate how Bell’s ideas connect with current events and Obama administration policies.

More here.

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  1. This comment over at Breitbart’s link is worth repeating:

    [posted by] archimedes2 Before the leftist trolls begin spewing their idiocy here, it might be worth acknowledging that practically every conclusion the Bigs and Dave Swindol of PJ Media has been vindicated long ago, before this became a meme biting the Democrat president on the butt, in the cyberpages of the Grey Lady herself, under the pen of Neil Lewis, in 1998 in a piece that is eerily prescient of the current “controversy” — the analysis of Bell’s writings here that really isn’t controversial at all.


    Sorry lefties. Pretty hard to walk THAT back!

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