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Yes, in the central Finnish town where I live, when May Day comes around the marxists come out of the woodpile. So I decided to greet them this year with a couple of signs to keep the flag of free market enterprise flying, especially in this socialist town on their  sacred commie day.

Here are the two signs that I made up to greet them:

 Here’s a video of a contingent of young and old heading for the staging area. The first to give me the finger was a member of the ‘old guard’ holding a flag with likeness of (the cold blooded mass executioner) Che Guevara,

…followed up by the younger members, most of them holding Guevara flags who gave the middle finger as well. *

Che Guevara flags and middle fingers!

NOTE: The male voice in the video answering back shouted “Death to the bourgeois/conservatives”. This is the guy, a Portuguese immigrant to Finland:

UPDATE: His name is, Ilídio Monteiro Flores, who coaches in the ‘Urho’ football league, as well as being an “access to education director” (Koulunkäynninohjaaja/ school counselor?) in the school system of nearby Äanekoski.

Here’s a pic of the same May Day morons from my buddy Harri at the other end of the same street.

And the bongos, there’s always got to be bongos!*


Part II

NOTE: * Pics with an asterisk are by my buddy Harri, who was busy holding his own at the other side of town.

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  1. It is hard to watch that much stupidity as it might be contagious.

  2. One amusing proof of the myopia and stupidity of these morons, is that the guy who drew that iconic Che drawing is actually suing people for royalties, the most capitalist thing there is, in order to raise money for people who are relatives of Che who live in dirt due to communism.

    This is public info. And yet still, on they march.

    1. That info would make a hilarious poster to confront these drones with!

  3. Oh yeah. The bongoes. And the goatees, the black clothes… I suppose everyone must go through it in their 20s but my contemporaries (middle-aged) are still at it!

  4. It’s a proud moment when someone with so much conviction and truth stands up to a crowd! We are blessed to have you as our voice. Stand tall and proud – you are the reason we have our freedoms!

  5. I didn’t know they arrange the commie-marches anymore. I’m surprised. In the 1970’s the son of the MD car manufacturer in Uusikaupunki was cursed by the newspaper Tiedonantaja (Informer) as he drove by his Jeep behind the marching people. The newspaper asked, if his father blessed the provocation and possibly harmed the Finnish economics… A bunch of morons.

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