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Oh, but Obama reassures us that this war is over.

Justice Minister Morten Boedskov:  “(This) emphasizes the seriousness of the threat facing Denmark,” 

Denmark police arrest 3 men suspected in terror plot

Published April 27, 2012
Associated Press

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – Three men have been arrested in Copenhagen on suspicion of plotting a terror attack after police found them with automatic weapons and ammunition, Denmark’s intelligence service said.

The Security and Intelligence Service, or PET, said the men were arrested in two separate sites in the Danish capital in connection with an ongoing terror investigation. The agency described them as a 22-year-old citizen of Jordan, a 23-year-old Turkish man living in Denmark and a 21-year-old Danish national who lives in Egypt.

“(This) emphasizes the seriousness of the threat facing Denmark,” Justice Minister Morten Boedskov told the national news agency Ritzau.

The intelligence agency has repeatedly warned that Denmark remains in the cross-hairs of Islamic terrorists since the 2005 publication of 12 caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad in the Jyllands-Posten newspaper. The cartoons triggered riots in many Muslim countries and militant Islamists have called on followers to avenge them.

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