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Saudi Arabia, a place where one can still visit the seventh century, and not be in a museum.  

The subject of necrophilia in Islam has risen to the forefront once again, just lately it was being reported that Egypt was planning a ‘farewell intercourse with dead wife’ law, but has since then been labeled as nonsense. However, there still remains a (respected) Moroccan “Islamic scholar” (an oxymoron) who issued a fatwa allowing for a husband to have intercourse with the remains of his dead wife. One stipulation is that the corpse must be ‘fresh’.

Saudis behead and crucify Sudanese national for raping corpse

CAIRO: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia beheaded and then crucified a Sudanese national after he was convicted of murdering a Saudi woman and then having sex with her corpse.

The man had confessed to murdering the Saudi housewife by strangling her in her sleep.

He then had sex with her corpse, stole her money and jewelry and fled after opening the gas cylinder in an attempt to kill the other family members.

The court sentenced him to death and crucifixion.

He appealed, according to a report in the Saudi Arabian Arabic language daily, Ajel.

The appellate court gave him the same sentence, which was upheld by the supreme court and then ultimately endorsed by King Abdullah.

The defendant, identified as Abdul Rahman Zain Al Abidin, was given a public execution and crucifixion in the kingdom’s capital Riyadh.

The preferred method of execution in Saudi Arabia is beheading by sword.

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