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Another outrage.

This is the problem folks, complete ignorant fools making decisions on issues they haven’t a clue about. This is how Islamization works in a modern liberal society, Muslims who desire to enforce their norms upon the rest of society until that society becomes predominantly Islamic. After the majority are Muslim, they’ll then pull the plug on the rights of the rest of society. It will always be a ”one way street”, there can be no other way.

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Judge rules enforcing Muslim law on everyone not establishment of religion

Posted by Peter Grady • April 26, 2012 • Printer-friendly

by Peter Grady —

A federal judge says an Ohio prison that forces all inmates to adhere to a strict Islamic diet is not an establishment of religion  because everyone eats the same food.

A federal judge recently threw out prisoner James Rivers’ lawsuit against Ohio Prison director Gary Mohr’s decision to ban pork from kitchens in all prisons under control of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction. Mohr made the decision to stop serving pork products after a Muslim on death row filed a lawsuit against the prison system.

Abdul Awkal, an inmate on death row, argued in his lawsuit that the prison’s failure to provide halal meals violated his religious freedoms.

Despite Awkal’s claims, Islamic teaching says it is perfectly acceptable to eat non-halal meat if there is no halal food available.

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