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Sweden is truly a bizarre country, a joke, a sick and dying patient that needs a large dose of morphine to help numb the pain until it gasps its last breath.

Vlad has this to say about the vid he uploaded, thanks to Steen.

 […] unions abuse their power to influence federal politics directly and force their members to act, think, or vote a certain way. However this is the least of the outrages in this clip. The fact that this union is training thousands of thought-police who will jump down your throat at the mere questioning of policies such as wide-open-immigration etc. and have the temerity to claim this is ‘debate’ and that they are training ‘debaters’.  And the fact that these people are being trained to reflexively equate questioning immigration with racism and xenophobia is proof of their Frankfurt School credentials.

Truly bizarre land, committing cultural suicide while persecuting their fellow countrymen who refuse to partake in the collective madness. Vlad just whispered to me:

“maybe someone can roll it up with Norway and put it in a closet like an old rug.”

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  1. Well fuck me ridged with a barge pole! And I thought things were bad in the UK! Someone needs to tell these commie union scum that 1984 was JUST A NOVEL, not an instruction manual.

  2. These are bolshevik methods. They had such “debaters”, too.

  3. To bad us Swedes aren’t Serbs or Jews so that we have the moral right to be upset over this moronic generalization regarding our country. I don’t know who Vlad is, but the “facts” reported probably only exist in his warped mind.

    1. Sweden is a tyranny, a place where George Orwell’s epic novel 1984 is used by the government and it’s bureaucracy, academy and its media… a training manual.

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