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Chaos, it’s an Egyptian tradition

Any way this eventually turns out, it’s going to be purely a mustard affair, with perhaps a few leeks tossed in.

Chaos ahead of Egypt’s presidential elections

A month ahead of the vote, the situation remains unclear. After 10 candidates were blocked, tens of thousands, including the Muslim Brotherhood, protested against the ruling military council.

Since the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) began governing Egypt over a year ago, the military council seems to have turned most of the population against it. The revolutionary youth are angry because they see the same old elites still determining the country’s future.

But older Egyptians are also dissatisfied. A recent survey shows a quiet majority of the population is looking for a new authoritarian figure as head of state – a response to months of chaos in the country.

Even the Salafists are upset – despite winning a surprising fifth of the votes during parliamentary elections – because their presidential candidate was denied. The Muslim Brotherhood long withheld criticism of the military council but now publicly expresses their dissatisfaction. Last Friday, members of the group stood for the first time in many months together with liberal and young protestors at Tahrir Square in Cairo to demand various political reforms.

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