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  1. You can NOT blame one guy for all the mistakes all others have made before him. Because George W. Bush told the banks to give sub-prime mortgages to lower income families the banks collapsed. Because George W. Bush started a war against Afghanistan (where Osama Bin Laden was NOT living) and a was against Iraq (where Osama Bin Laden was NOT living either) the American States had to pay a lot of money. Those wars were started by Bush. Blaming Obama for the costs of those wars is silly.

    Osama could have done better, when he would have been paying attention he could have seen America (and the rest of the world) loose the economic war with China. That will cost more then all was in the human history combined.

    Unfortunately, the next president of the US of A, is a even more empty minded fool than all others before him, he is short sited, lacks of any intelligence. He could run a shop, not a country.

    Osama lost my sympathy when he took a bow for the king of the ‘holy’ kingdom (in his case Saudi Arabia). When a black man is bowing for a slave-master then he is a real nigger. That is like shitting on the grave of Martin Luther King, and kicking Rosa Parks back to the end of the bus and giving her a facial. Bowing for a slave-master is the most stupid thing Obama ever did, for the rest he tried to do his best. Whatever, he lost my respect! And if I will ever meet him in person I will tell him personally in a way that he will understand that he alone fucked up the emancipation of the black man, all by himself, only by bowing like a nigger.

    1. Hey Vanhetgoor, of course I can blame this marxist president,

      1.) Its been under his watch that the federal government has blown over five trillion, that’s a fact.
      2.) It was Democrats, Dod and Barny Frank that bear the greatest responsibility for the bubble they created with the failed bank loans they forced on the loan industry. Republicans were thwarted repeatedly by Democrats when they were trying to reign in Fannie May and Freddy Mack. You have your facts all screwed up.
      3.) Afghanistan started a war with the US, by blowing up its financial district and the pentagon, they were harboring al-Qaida.
      4.) I loathe the N* word, please don’t use it here again.
      5.) once again, it has been the present Democrat led government that has blown 5.7 trillion, and will do even more damage if they aren’t kicked out in the next elections.

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