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Only slaughter is the only fun thing they got going.

Hamas slams PA for Ramallah dance festival

Festival coincides with beginning of hunger strike by Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, sparking anger among some.

Palestinians dance in Ramallah festival [file]

Hamas and other Palestinians have strongly condemned the Palestinian Authority for allowing the Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival to take place this year.

The annual festival, which was launched last Thursday in Ramallah, has drawn thousands of Palestinians in the West Bank, is supported by the PA Ministry of Culture, the Ramallah Municipality, the Swiss Organization for Cooperation and Development and the Goethe Institute.

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  1. I disagree that slaughter is the only approved recreation. I think oppression of the infidel provides a tremendous variety of enjoyable activities whilst serving allah.
    Raping the women and men, taking their goods, harassing them –“making them feel subdued!” Ohhh and converting them!!

  2. No music, no freedom, no creativity, no laughter, no love….. only war, pain, anger, humiliation, cruelty and shame. Is this what we want?
    Every human being, no matter how sick or depraved or no matter how unfortunate, needs a purpose, needs pleasure, needs a reason-to-be. Islam closes all doors, so Muslims seek recreation inside the prison of their minds, their community, and their religious slavery. What else can they do except find entertainment in hatred? I understand their pain and their needs. I understand why they are the way they are.
    Don’t let it happen to us. Don’t let us become like them. Fight it with all your heart. Never stop laughing, never stop loving. Never become a slave. Die first!
    It is better to die a free man, than to live as a slave. It is better to know love than to know only hatred. It is better to be hated by those who hate, than it is to be merely disliked by those who know love. It is better to fight tyranny than it is to bow to it. It is better to speak the truth than it is to hide behind lies! Never give up hope!
    Islam has a sell-by-date on it. Islam is finite. Islam is doomed!

  3. They do like to dance when they have killed Jews. Hand out candy, congratulating each other. They turn out the be quite festive at moments like that.

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