Anti-Israel Protests ISM



But this is exactly what he was provoking and hoping for!

These ”activists” are not innocent, they constantly provoke the most well mannered person into erupting into something unrecognizable by their own relatives. This guy is now a cause celebrity among his small pathetic crowd of anti-Israel jerks, it’s a status that each and every one of the more radically minded activists hope to achieve. It gives them ‘street cred’ that they crave with their peeps back home and abroad. Pathetic when you really think about it.

NOTE: The ISM that this punk belongs to, is one of the more violent and radical of the Western groups that constantly provoke the Israeli military and its border control. Here’s a pic of Swedes hamming it up with the weapons’ of the terrorists. The female has the audacity to dress up like an orthodox Jew.

More here.

Here’s the evidence you puke:

H/T Dennis Mitzner

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  1. One of the first pictures I saw of him was with a band-aid on his chin, his lips were fine. What is that all about?

  2. Thanks for the link potb. Great article.

    Their is a reason why liberalism is a mental disorder and this Dane looks like the poster boy for it.

    When you lie with dogs you get up fleas you tool Ayas. Be a man and STFU-Oh wait, I forgot, whining like a bitch is a part MO of the ISM.

    1. Yes…it underlines what I’ve been saying all along. Great piece, now posted on the front page here. Thanks POTB

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