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  1. The same thing happens here as well. Leftists taunt and assault police officers, insult Christians, for they know that nothing much will happen to them. They are having a good time, getting a feel good moment, with no real danger.

    Now lets see these brave protesters do similar things in an Islamic country – say insult police officers for hours on end.

    Oh , and how about insulting Ped. Mohammed?

  2. These A-soles are a dime a dozen. They do what they do because they can.

    They are so cocksure that there is never any blowback that they’re totally beside themselves when they get their asses kicked.

  3. To be fair Coren is slightly wrong about Denmark, it’s actually one of the best countries in Europe in terms of being pro-Israel and not Judeophobic like Norway, Finland etc.

    I think he should have kept hitting him personally.

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