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VIA: CHALLAH HU AKBAR: Report: Senior Palestinian Official “Very Close” to Abbas Sexually Assaulted Minor

InLightPress  is reporting that a new scandal is brewing within the Palestinian Authority. According to the report, at least one Palestinian official is suspected of harassment and sexual assault of a minor.

The official is a senior official who is reportedly “very close” to Mahmoud Abbas. According to the report, Palestinian officials have been trying for months to solve the issue with the family of the assaulted girl. The family has rejected all monetary offers.

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NOTE: This reminds Challa Hu Akbar of another scandal from over a year ago, in a report about graft, greed, theft and sex:

Israel Vs. Ignotants: “The biggest shocking discovery about how Europeans and Arabs turned out suckers, donating to no Palestinian other than the Chairman’s closest men. Sexual greed is the generator behind the Palestinian Authority’s cancer of corruption, as whistle-blower Fahmi Shabane caught everything on tape.”

English Subs | Palestinian Corruption, Sex Tape Scandal فضحية جنسية في حركة فتح

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