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  1. Yes, Michael Coren is spot on, once again.
    I’d like someone here to remind me of something.
    Correct me if I am wrong….
    After Brievik carried out his killing spree am I right in saying that no Christian to anyone’s knowledge stood up and supported his actions? Did the Pope make a speech declaring that Anders Brievik was a faithful soldier of God? Did the Archbishop of Canterbury applaud Brievik’s actions? Did thousands of Baptists joyfully line the streets of America, praise God and say a prayer for Brievik?
    Did Brievik himself quote from the Holy Bible to justify his murders or declare that God himself had told him to carry out this act?
    Did senior Christian leaders from all denominations gather together to debate Brievik’s actions to see if they could be justified or not? Has anyone, anywhere said that Brievik is a hero?
    No, I believe that none of the above happened. Yet, there are still fools who possess the stupidity to believe that this is in someway proof that Christianity is worse than Islam! Even so, let’s give these fools the benefit of the doubt and say that this was a Christian terrorist act – just to prove a point.
    Over 18,000 terrorist attacks have been carried out since 9/11 by Muslims in the name of Islam, Anders Brieviks actions count for one Christian terrorist attack. Yes, that’s 18,000 to 1!
    18,000 – 1. Statistically the comparison is pathetic! Only an imbecile would try to prove something on odds like that. Even a hardened gambler would be overwhelmed to bet on such odds. Trying to gamble that Christianity is in some way likely to create terrorism us much as, or more than Islam, on the probabilities provided by Brievik’s case is too nonsensical to be even considered.
    This just goes to show than once again, the Muslim-loving Christian-bashers are completely empty-headed when it comes to dealing with facts. Facts are a mystery to them!

  2. Is there any proof McVeigh was a Christian? He certainly never behaved like one.
    Christians, by definition, cannot do the things he did. If you don’t live by the teachings of Christ and believe he is the Son of God, you’re not a Christian.

    But to the Left Wing, just because someone is white, he has to be a Christian. That’s part of the narrative, I’m afraid.

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