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Making a laughing stock out of the HnH into daily sport

The only way to treat pompous ignorant buffoonery is with intellectual parody and Henrik R.Clausen over at EuropeNews does so in spades. In fact, he even lends them a helping hand in adding more to their list. In doing so, Clausen shows the wide diversity of the movement.

Maybe we should just reverse the words of the organization’s name ‘Hope not Hate’ to Hate not hope”, for their outspoken hatred of those people -from vastly different ethnicities, backgrounds, political and religious beliefs- wanting to defend the very ‘liberal democracy’ that has made Western civilization the envy of the world, and for not offering any hope for its survival.

It’s quite obvious that Hate not Hope couldn’t care less that Islam will eventually rules the day in these Western states if Islamization is not reversed.

UPDATE: HnH (Hate not Hope) shows Breivik aiming at the all the fine people in the Counterjihad!

• “HOPE not hate” Publicizes the Counterjihad Network

EuropeNews 15 April 2012
By Henrik R. Clausen

In a major undertaking, the British organisation HOPE not hate has produced a mapping of the so-called”Counterjihad Movement”, a common denominator for a loosely connected network of activists, writers and bloggers opposed to the Islamization of Western societies. The complete report can be read as a well organized web site here:

Counter-Jihad Report

It is probably no coincidence that the report is issued just as the court case against Anders Behring Breivik is to open in Oslo, Norway. Quite appropriately, the signature picture of the page has ABB pointing a rifle towards a selection of top Counterjihad persons. The massive crime committed by ABB has catapulted the Counterjihad movement into public attention, and as the image seems to indicate, much blame has been heaped upon various Counterjihad luminaries. More on that later.

What is the Counterjihad movement?

First, HnH must be commended for obviously committing major resources to the mapping. While the Counterjihad movement is known to be broad and of great diversity, knowing that at least 144 organisations and 63 individuals across three continents can be counted as part of the movement is impressive. Looking at the individual organisations listed, one finds great diversity in names, ethnicity and approaches. A selection in no particular order includes:

Read it all here at EuropeNews.

NOTE:  Salt meet wound, Henrik Clausen adds to his post:

Friends of mine, in particular in Italy and the US, have requested to be added to the list above, which is hereby done. Unfortunately I have no means to also add them to the HnH report, but HnH does provide a convenient sign-up form, which can be found here. With some dilligence on part of the Counterjihad activists, it should be possible to make their catalogue grow by an order of magnitude or more.

And Brian Of London doesn’t want to be left out either:

Please could you add my websites to your wonderful Counter Jihad list. I’m saddened that you left me off but hope you will rectify this obvious oversight:


9 Responses

  1. I’ve just had a quick look at the introduction to this report.

    Nothing to surprise. Just a lot of negative smearing of people and organizations who have legitimate concerns about the behavior and ideology of persons who espouse violence and destruction of those who reject Islamic Jihad in whatever form.

    The language is the give away. Nothing but emotive, negative, shrill, hysterical, language about the awful people who dare object to the inroads being made by political islam and jihad in Europe, Canada, North America, and (latterly) Australia.

    I work in a context where evidence is crucial to the issues under discussion and debate.

    But the people on websites like Hope not Hate apparently believe that plain evidence just doesn’t matter and that by identifying the Counter Jihad movement they will bring it into disrepute and condemnation.

    Actually, the opposite is likely to happen.

    I think it more than likely that this publicity is good publicity for the Counter Jihad and that most thinking people will quickly see through these clumsy egregious attempts at denigration.

  2. Some of my favorite people are on their list of their top 10. I hope they consider it a compliment.

  3. This bunch of dull blades make me feel even more commited to the cause of counter-jihad and Israel than ever before. Full steam!!!

  4. I found many great new sites on the list. It’s a virtual treasure trove 🙂

    1. Yes! They really are doing us a favor, and many are sending them links and names of prominent people not listed there.

  5. The site spends an inordinate amount of space on the BNP. Aside from being undeniably loathsom, the BNP are completely impotent and irrelevant. Everyone knows they are only talking about this issue out of opportunism- and it hasn’t worked for them anyway. So why bother?

    The reason they feature the BNP is to associate them in the mind of the reader with legtitimate anti jihad organizations who are not motivated by the same things that motivate the BNP.

    The site itself seems to be opportunistic in the exact same way the BNP is. It is using this issue to drum up support for Trade Unions – the only (as of april 18 2012) political group that is featured at the top of the Hope Not Hate homepage.

    Based upon my personal past experiences with socialist political groups, I can say with confidence that this Hope Not Hate business is a front for Trade Unions so they can present themselves as being opposed to the BNP etc. and banking on the hope that their readers do not have the critical reading ability to see the huge differences between the BNP and legitimate anti jihad organizations.

  6. The site is a front for Trade Unions. Trade Unions are the only political organization featured on the Hope Not Hate homepage menuebar.

    The Trade Unions are using this issue to get more support by positioning themselves on one side of a currently popular issue. Just as, it is amusing to note, the BNP are doing.

    It’s also why they devote so much more space to the BNP than to actual anti jihad groups. The more you say about the BNP the worse they are, but the more you say about the legtimate organizations and their organizers, the better they come off.

    So the site is devoting more pages to the established (in the public mind) and therefore more politically useful bogeyman.

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