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  1. But not so fast,
    Un****ing believably they still have another 3 months to appeal yet again this decision to an even higher EU court.
    There really is no end to the lunacy called Europe and the idiocy of a Court of Human Rights.

  2. This could mean that if Hamza’s appeal against extradition fails, he’ll be going through the actual extradition process about the time when President Obama’s campaign to be re-elected will be at its zenith. This will please the right-wingers, and for the left-wingers he’ll give subtle signals that what will actually be on trial will be American foreign policy. If resurgent patriotic movements like the USDL over there are like the European movements – ie non-racist and attractive to blue-collar voters who feel deserted – then Obama will need all the appeal to both left and right he can get.

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