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From crap art huckster to high seas jokester

Ruth Hasan, Honorary President of the Jewish congregation in Turku: ” I can only say that there’s sufficiently enough dumb people in the world.”

Dror Feiler is the same traitorous jerk who created the outrageous piece of “art” in Sweden in 2004, the face of a female terrorist floating in a pool of Jewish blood. It was later trashed (polite golf clap) by the then Israeli ambassador to Sweden, Zvi Mazel, who threw a lamp lighting the pool, into the pool.

What a waste of money, if they were really interested in subsidizing the Arabs of Gaza, they could have just used the money to by goods and sent them by trucks into Gaza. That however isn’t their intention, it’s to try and delegitimize the Jewish state if something serious happens, and break the entirely legal anti-weapons blockade of Hamastan.

Dror Feiler is just another hard leftist loser who longs for the limelight, and no better way for him to remain relevant to his pals in the Swedish anti-Israel movement, than to keep planning one anti-Israeli provocation after the other.


Estelle’s new owner intends to go to Gaza

The Swedish Ship to Gaza  organization strives to get to Gaza from Turku with the acquired Estelle-sailing ship. The organization of activist Dror Feiler has been trying for the past two times. Nine of his friends killed and wounded on the first trip has not caused Israeli born Swede to retreat.

– I do not think about what might happen, says Dror Feiler, the Estelle’s new owner.

– I just go and then what happens, happens. It is our duty. We do not just do this for  nothing.

Some other from Turku are about to go to Gaza, former sailors of the Estelle. One of them is Wellu Koivisto, who does not get scared off.

– Well, of course, it’s always a bit scary, but yes, we’ve been in strange places before, and in some way, of course, the fear is healthy, he commented.

The Jewish Congregation in Turku is of a completely different opinion.

– I can only say that there’s sufficiently enough dumb people in the world. Young people like this who imagine themselves to be radical, or doing something good, but they are doing their own cause much more harm than good. They are not conducive to peace, but to conflict, the Jewish congregation in Turku, Honorary President, Ruth Hasan commented.


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