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This is bad, real bad. I have been warning about the Left’s ratcheting up the rhetoric that will eventually launch into violence, something of which, btw, has been planned for some time now. The Dem leadership with Obama leading, have been throwing gasoline on the fire.


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  1. All I’m saying that the kid is dead and that the matter needs to be thoroughly investigated and if necessary proceed to judicial hearing.

  2. And another thing.

    It emerges that this guy Zimmerman has form – regularly pestering the local police department about suspicious looking teenagers whom he thinks look like they are about to commit some criminal act.

    In this instance he rang 911 and was told by the officer to leave it alone.

    But no, the doofus had to take it upon himself to get out of his vehicle and start trailing the “suspect”.

    To make matters worse the dope was carrying a gun – what the heck for one might ask?

    The victim rang his father and informed him that some guy was following him.

    The rest is history.

    Forget all about the white black stuff – just imagine how you would react if he were your son.

    That the police just let the whole matter drop is simply astounding.

    I hope it proceeds to trial – and if a criminal conviction is not feasible due to this guy’s stupidity rather than criminal intent – at least a civil action would seem required.

    The GOP should stay well out of this mess; it’s a very bad look for the USA – but understandable given the lunatic gun culture that exists there.

  3. If I noticed some nut job following me late one evening I would be mentally on full alert. If the nut job stopped me and started behaving aggressivly and making demands then I would launch an attack.

    And I am of the philosophy that if an attack is to be launched it should be full, devastating and intended to cause maximum damage without any regard whatsoever for the life and health of my opponent. There are no half measures, you either go all the way or not at all.

    I fully understand Trayvon Martin attacking the vigilante lunatic. A full investigation needs to be undertaken and if necessary a prosecution for murder should result.

    It looks to me like this is a case of Trayvon Martin using justifiable self defence against a nut job and the nut job murderd him. But let the courts decide.

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