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But race baiting Al Sharpton presses on

The more the facts are revealed in this case, the more it’s looking like Martin was indeed the aggressor and that Zimmerman truly feared for his life. The poor guy is devestated at having to take a life, he’s on quasi “wanted posters” by the racist/fascist New Black Panther party (in uniforms of course), African Americans are walking around with his face on T-shirts with “pussy ass cracker” on them,  and the mother of the dead son is seeking to trademark his name to get in on all that cash floating around out there.

And what’s the post racial president doing?

The attorney counseling George Zimmerman, who shot unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin as he was walking home from the store with a bag of Skittles, says if charges are filed, Zimmerman will argue that he acted in self-defense and that Florida’s stand-your-ground law applies.

Attorney Craig Sonner said the public is only hearing part of the story, and when all the facts come out, it will be clear that Zimmerman acted in self defense. A grand jury is scheduled to begin hearing the case April 10.

“George Zimmerman suffered a broken nose, and had an injury to the back of his head, he was attacked by Trayvon Martin on that evening,” Sonner said. “This was a case of self defense.”

When asked why Zimmerman went after Martin, even though a 911 dispatcher told him not to, Sonner said: “Those are questions that will be answered.”

Trayvon Martin Case: Timeline of Events

Sonner said the so-called stand-your-ground law, under which a person who feels threatened is not required to retreat and can “meet force with force” if attacked, will be applicable in the case.

Sonner insisted that Zimmerman is not a racist, pointing out that he and his wife mentored for two black children for free.

“When I asked this mother [of the mentees], who trusted [Zimmerman and his wife], and she’s an African-American, if she trusted George Zimmerman, she said she did, and I asked her if there was anything that caused her to believe that she was a racist, and she said, ‘Absolutely not.’ And I said, went further, ‘Did you ever hear him use racial slurs in any time that you’d been around him?’ And she said, ‘no’ as well,” Sonner said.

Joe Oliver, a family friend of Zimmerman’s who spoke with him this weekend, told ABC News that as a volunteer community watch commander, Zimmerman had to look out for suspicious-looking people.

“There are people who have accused George of profiling, well, I would think as a watch commander you are keeping an eye out for people you don’t recognize in your neighborhood,” Oliver said.

“The reason why he was following this suspicious person that he saw was because the neighborhood had a rash of break-ins,” he said. “George had no intention of taking anyone’s life. He cried for days after.”

Oliver said the headlines have taken a toll on Zimmerman, his wife, and his family.

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  1. VFR has lots about black criminality that is plagueing America, and the MSM and the political elite brushing it under the carpet.

  2. This occupation regime over jerusalem must vanish from the arena of time.
    this fella joe oliver is being paid by the so-called american zionist mobs,somebody please tell me how can a rail thin 140 lb kid bring down a 250 lb madman with a gun?

    1. So you’re an anti-Semite, ok, I get it. The rest of your statement is pure incoherence.

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