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My response would be, so what if Kent was there, and even a part of the congregation?

Just a pinch of this anti-Semite is enough to churn the waters of Jew-hatred

If not for the media continuously lying about the Swedish Democrats, carrying the water for the main pathetic parties, Kent Ekeroth’s participation in any congregation would not be an issue. Not making any comparisons here whatsoever, but when was the last time you heard this creep of a mayor, (that’s right a creep) Ilamr Reepalu being worried about real problematic figures (read= sharia loving whack-jobs) within the Muslim community speaking at one of their public functions?

Lets be very clear here, you don’t have to be someone who agrees with 100% of what Kent Ekeroth says, to recognize that both the man, and the party he represents, is as mainstream of a party as any of the other parties in Sweden. Their emphasis on preserving their country’s national culture and heritage is nothing to be ashamed about, and while I disagree with their statist party platform, it’s in keeping with the current politics of Sweden (as is the case here in Finland).

Being against open borders, a mass type of free-for-all immigration within a welfare state is a sane thought, and I dare say a necessity, if a country is going to maintain it’s national identity and culture. The SD is mainly against cultural suicide, and the importation of illiberal minded immigrants who refuse to adapt to Swedish society, and through direct intent or otherwise, subvert it, with the national government, its bureaucracy, the media and the academy all cheering it on.


Malmö mayor Ilmar Reepalu retracts his statement, in which he claimed that Malmö Jewish congregation was infiltrated by Swedish Democrats. He claimed that Kent Ekeroth was nephew of one congregation member. This turned out to be a lie, so Reepalu was forced to recant his statement.

NOTE: Here’s a word of warning to the Jews of Sweden, especially you big SDP types in leadership roles. The political elite do not have your best interests at heart, and they show it every day with their importation in mass numbers of real Jew hating Muslims. Just thought I would remind you of that inconvenient truth.

Reepalu backtracks on SD infiltration

DN.Se: The Sweden Democrats have infiltrated the Jewish community in Malmö to drive hatred against Muslims. Argues Malmö’s Social Democratic mayor Ilmar Reepalu in an interview in the magazine Neo.

A seven-page interview with Ilmar Reepalu has been made by Paulina Neuding, herself a Jew, the Editor in Chief of the liberal magazine Neo.

The interview is among other things, about the Jews’ situation in Malmo, 10-15 Jewish families left the city because of harassment and threats. Paulina Neuding shows pictures of her grandmother who was mistreated in Rosengard by a youth gang and another relative were quelled when he acted in a Jewish owned shop in the city.

When Ilmar Reepalu describes the situation in Malmö for Muslims and Jews, he argues that the Jewish community in Malmö has been infiltrated by the Sweden Democrats.

– SD: ers have infiltrated the Jewish community to thereby drive its muslim hate says Reepalu in the interview published today.

He claims to have seen SD MP Kent Ekeroth, who is a Jew by birth, at the Jewish Community meetings.

– Then I’m told that he is the nephew of one of the leaders in the congregation. And the SD hard-drives his anti-Muslim campaign by saying that it is the Jewish group. It bothered me a lot, says Reepalu.

Jewish Community argues that Reepalu based his statements on errors.

SD MP Kent Ekeroth is not a member of the congregation and has never been there, according to Fred Kahn, chairman of the Jewish community in Malmö, with 650 members. He is not related to any member of the Assembly leadership.

– I do not know where he got it. He may have seen him at an open meeting with the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Malmö. But it was not the congregation who organized this, but a completely different organization, said Fred Kahn told DN.

He is disappointed by Reepalu claims.

– It is extremely sad that he, without evidence, to speak in that way, said Fred Kahn.

Kent Ekeroth told DN that he was last in contact with the Jewish community six years ago, before he became a member of the Sweden Democrats.

When the DN reaches Ilmar Reepalu he regrets that he used the word infiltration.

– This is the wrong expression. I have no evidence. I should not have said it that way.

What do you mean?

– I mean that they were given space on a meeting that I thought was the Assembly. I was very surprised that active Sweden Democrats got to express their views on what is happening in Sweden. What I thought was uncomfortable was that you gave a lot of room for Sweden Democrats, said Reepalu.

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  1. not surprized. his family obviously were nazi collaborators in estonia.

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