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But Fayyad’s government never condemns the training of new generations of these terrorists.

Like everyone would really believe his audacious attempt as condemning terrorism. If that was the indeed the case, he would have already been condemning Palestinian summer camps for children named after cold blooded terrorists, or not demanding the release of such vermin from Israeli jails.

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UPDATE: WTD adds in the comments: 

One would like to believe the following is not a dish of taqiyya served hot:

It’s time for criminals to stop using the Palestinian cause to justify their terrorist actions,” says Palestinian PM.
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Overall, the overwhelming tone of updates reveals frantic attempts to sweep the reality of this horror under the proverbial ‘Islam means peace’ ‘prayer rug’:

France suspect Mohammed Merah is a man whose outward behaviour is “gentle, courteous and civilised”, says his lawyer

French Muslim Council head Mohammed Moussaoui says gunman’s acts “totally contradict foundations of Islam”.

Another Reuters articlecontinues with the following islamophilic pièce de résistance:

“But leaders of the Jewish and Muslim communities pointed out that the gunman was a lone extremist.” and

“Dalil Boubakeur at the main mosque in Paris told Europe 1 radio that no one should link the Toulouse events and the Muslim religion, which is “99 percent peaceful, responsible, non-violent and well-integrated into the country”.


Internet archive list of Frances 751 No-Go Zonesaka 1996 list of 751 ZONES URBAINES SENSIBLES . . .In what universe is the insanity of “no-go zones’ considered ‘well integrated’?

To which I simply add in as civil a tone as I can muster at the moment:
To France & Europe’s ****Expletive deleted *****”come-what-may-in’shallah” idiots – WAKE @%& UP! and ACT NOW to prevent the Balkanization of your homelands!

Lan Astaslem لن استسلم‎

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