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In ten years doth history make!

A perfect example of what happens when there isn’t a Mosquebuster in the area.

The Golden Nugget:

“Among its charitable achievements include last year raising £26,150 for victims of flooding in Pakistan.”

NOTE: The million pound question is, has this mosque ever raised any sum to help non-Muslims, outside of dawa campaigns that is?

The Ghousia Mosque, in Gladstone Street, is going from holy books to the history books after it was selected for a publication being compiled by English Heritage, the Government’s adviser about the UK’s historic environment.

The book, which has as its working title The British Mosque: An Architectural and Social History, will examine the social, cultural, and architectural significance of mosques across the country.

Ansar Ali (55), of Somerville Road and the secretary at the Ghousia Mosque, said members were approached by English Heritage about four months ago asking for a detailed case study of the development, activities and usage of the building.

As a result of those conversations, he said, the building was selected to be mentioned in the book. He said: “The whole congregation is delighted with this recognition, not just that it is a beautiful building but also about how the activities we run contribute to the well-being of the community of Peterborough.”

The book is due to be published in 2013 but a photographer from English Heritage has already been on site to capture images for its pages.

Along with its involvement in the community and charity work, the book should outline in detail how the mosque came to take its place on Peterborough’s skyline.

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