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The outrages continue. Anti-Semitism given a veneer of credibility all because they think that trashing the world’s only Jewish state is fair game, and the vilest forms of bigotry is on the table. Thank the Left for that one, demonizing Israel is a past time for them, they just can’t see the tree for the forest concerning their Jew hatred.

Simon Wiesenthal Center: Swedish Christian Art Exhibition Depicting Jews As Rats Should Be Canceled

Urges Authorities to Investigate Whether Government Grants Being Use to Spread Hate
March 15, 2012

The Simon Wiesenthal Center, a leading Jewish Human Rights NGO called for the canceling of a Swedish Christian Art exhibition that depicts Israelis as gun-toting rats devouring the “Holey(sic) Land” and urged authorities to investigate if government funds are being used to legitimize anti-Jewish hatred.

“Animalization( depicting humans as animals) of Jews was perfected by the Nazi proganda machine, an all-too effective way to dehumanize Jewish citizens in the eyes of their German neighbors. The propaganda of the 1930s, set the stage for the murder of 6 million Jews in the 1940s. Since then, Soviet and Arab and Muslim anti-Jewish propaganda used the very same method. Now it has surfaced in 2012 Sweden”, charged Rabbi Abraham Cooper associate Dean of the Wiesenthal Center.

“It should come as no surprise that far right extremists should celebrate this art exhibit as “Swedish painters understands jews to be violent noxious animals” , but the real question is what do Swedes who are not racists think? We note that the sponsoring organization provides educational assistance for “church and Society”. Is mainstreaming anti-Semitism now part of their mandate?

We call on all Swedes, whatever their political views to denounce this hate masquerading as art and join in demanding an investigation as to whether government grants directly or indirectly are being used for this presentation by “The educational association BILDA for church and society” the sponsoring agenncy of this exhibition”, Cooper concluded. Bilda reported that in 2010, over 70% of their income came from grants.

Today, Thursday, the Swedish anti-semitic nationalists refer to the poster at BILDA, the organizer.

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  1. Swedish “Christians”??? If this is the attitude of Christians, they most definitely are NOT Christians.

    1. Perhaps, these “Christians” are physical or spiritual descendants from Esau?

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