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In all honesty, I couldn’t care less who ends up getting the bragging rights for the ‘nordic model’ term. The socialist model in Sweden and elsewhere has reduced its people to subjects who merely serve the state. If they want to live as mindless drones dancing around the maypole while the state redistributes their wealth, so be it.

Socialist Swedes in a midsummer dervish churning themselves into butter.

Sweden sparks row over who owns ‘Nordic Model’

The successful trademark registration of “Nordic Model” by Sweden’s Social Democrats has prompted a sharp reaction from the rest of the Nordic region’s political establishment. The move has led other political bodies to protest the Social Democrats’ move, which has put the question of who created the Nordic Model into ever sharper focus.

“We may have understood if they had (trademarked) the ‘Swedish Model’, but when it comes to the ‘Nordic Model’ we have no choice but to protest,” Jens-Erik Enestam, who heads the Nordic Council representing opposition parties from across the region, said in a statement Tuesday.

Sweden’s opposition Social Democrats successfully registered the “Nordic Model”, which is widely understood as a system mixing the market economy with a womb-to-tomb welfare state, as a trademark in Sweden last December.

The Social Democrats, who dominated Swedish politics for most of the 20th century, insist their workers’ movement created the generous system and have criticized Sweden’s current centre-right government for trying to hijack the phrase.

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  1. Swedes should be content to have rutabaga (swede or yellow turnip) named after them.

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