Egypt Islamic anti-Semitism


And this is what plays on Arab TV night and day.


Egyptian cleric Gharib Ramadhan: There are very many traits that characterize the Jews, and the Koran focused on a few of them, such as the violation of commitments, from which we suffer to this day. Not just us in Egypt — the entire world suffers from this.

Another trait is their hard-heartedness, God forbid. If you want to know what true hard-heartedness means, go to the Jews. You will find a lot of it there.

Allah punished them by transforming them into apes and pigs, and by prohibiting them from eating several edible things. He forbade them to eat anything with claws — animals and birds that do not have cloven hooves, like camels, geese, ducks. . . They are prohibited from eating ducks. If Sheik Amin were here, he could have told us how greatly they were punished.

Egyptian cleric ‘Alaa Said: The [Jews] are treacherous. Allah, who created them, told us so. We must be resolute and fill hearts with hatred and loathing. By Allah, the hatred and loathing of Jews is a form of worship. When we make our children loathe the Jews, it is a form of worship of Allah. These are people hated and loathed by Allah.

Abd Al-Rahman Al-Sawi: I want our children to be raised on this notion. When I give a child a toy, I give him a gun, not a football. Enough with the football. I give him a gun and tell him: Shoot, but don’t shoot your brother. Shoot the Jews.

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  1. open your heart, perhaps then it will allow the energies to flow upward, connecting your “wisdom” and YOU, too, can see the LOGOS, I worship is FREE of the labels that has been placed upon us by society. Thy Creator does not follow and believe the lies of deception and the greed of man. For the GOD I worship can see threw, your labels. The God I worship has told me to release the labels and you, too, perhaps can see a new reality…

  2. if you are such a “right and just” leaders and you rule under divine law, then why do you disrespect woman? Woman are GOD’s greatest gifts. Woman are truly Blessed by GOD. Woman bear and carry Life. The continuation of evolution. If you are so “GREAT” release the people, lay down your weapons, remove your guards, remove money and see if your society keeps you. For words are labels and I label you… A JEW. A JEW not for Jesus, GOD and creation. A JEW against unity and promoting and propagating fear, divisibility and separation of God’s creation..LIFE and Humanity.


    1. Oh . . OK. So if we stop labeling one another – everything is going to be just great.

      Er . . is that your message to humanity?

  3. Raymond… not only release the labels, say bye to money. it is a shame that you cannot see a different reality. it is sad to repeat the mistakes of the past. your “intellectuality” appears to be stupidity.
    I ask again, if your “leadership” and “religious” ones are so divine, then why can they not release their kind??
    Continue to abuse and use woman, propagate fear, dissension, oppress your people. Refuse to share information, technology and advance for humanity.
    YOU appear to be like USa…
    All about the GREED, not humanities NEEDS…

  4. The donkey analogy in the film – sounds exactly like he’s talking about islamists…

  5. “Abd Al-Rahman Al-Saw” and “Gharib Ramadhan” is the name society assigned you. Born and bread to be a puppet, a tool for man, not humanity.
    For the wisest of man shall know that above all else they have been graced and put in place to create unity, not divisibility.
    For only a fool cannot see a new reality. Continue to create chaos, confusion and disillusions.
    It is more than apparent to see, your leadership is aligned Demonically.

    1. Dale, …….. what in the hell are you talking about?


      1. why would your leadership, our leadership and other leaderships, governments and religious “intellects” that no matter where you live in this world…all follow divine law.
        If you do read your “bibles” they all not say that those within humanity that have been graced and placed by God in positions of power, wisdom and intellect will feel the wrath of God if they do not follow divinity?
        How then are any of you, few, promoting unity and divinity?
        ONE created EVERYTHING. If you are a true server and believer in the creator…then how are any of you promoting unity?? Release the labels.
        You are energy. You are light. You exist. What more proof do you need to believe???
        Wake Up, Raise your “intellect” and hopefully, you will be part of a new reality.

  6. Respond KGS. Debate my dialect. Raise my awareness or perhaps, I will raise your intellect. My mind is one of a kind. You, my friend, appear to be stupefied. Do you follow the divine or are you a slave to Lucifer, money control and man kind??

    1. What in the hell are you talking about? Are you off your meds?

  7. Do you believe in unity or do you create separation through propagating purposely mistranslated texts and scriptures?

    The same “God” that created you, created me… created it all.
    Follow man, not divinity, you too, shall fall.

    Like it is written..
    Thy Kingdom is truly shared by few.

    By the way: Logos has no Labels.

    If you “worship” and believe in divinity, release humanity and preach unity.

    1. Telling the truth about islam means pissing off muslims. So be it. Muslims slavishly worship the moon god and the reprobate warlord mohamed..who have nothing to do with the belief system of the Jews and Christians.

  8. It is hard not to fear, I was like you for years.

    I’ve had a divine intervention. I do not care for “mankind” and their propagation.

    I’ve been told to release the labels placed on us by society. Believe and follow me (GOD) because I will show you a new reality.

    A world full of love and devotion. A world of fascination, mystification and love for all of creation.

    I leave with you with no illusions.

    A new aeon is occurring. The evilness is done within this dimension. We shall introduce them to an old friend, Jinx. Life can be so disturbing.

    1. Dale has gone off the deep end. Never mind those labels of intolerant, supremacist, misogynist, totalitarianism, right Dale? Just because you hold your fingers in yours ears, the facts do not exist, have I got it just about right there, Dale? You’re delusional.

  9. Yes..I am whatever you say I am.

    “Just because you hold your fingers in yours ears, the facts do not exist…” is what you state to me?

    What have I stated that is not factual??

    It is irrelevant to me, you have comfort and stability within this mortality. You work for man and continue to promote an evil plan.

    1. And Dale, you’re a whack-job, as any sane person can clearly make out.

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