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Racism is never racism when a minority does it.

Does head coach for the Chicago Bears, Lovie Smith, automatically assume Republican African Americans are going to heed his call as well, and that they’re ”Uncle Tom’s” if they don’t? What a jerk, a real bone headed, bona fide … jerk. Personally, I want the Marxist-in-Chief to be shown the front door, with a shoot print on his rear come election day on November 2nd, all you Libs remember your day to vote is on November 3rd.

“I have the President‘s back and it’s left up to us, as African Americans, to show that we have his back also join African Americans for President Obama today.”

As commenter sáid: (sarcasm on)”Listen to this: I have Romney’s back and it’s left up to us, as white Americans, to show that we have his back also join whites for Mitt Romney today.” (sarcasm /off)

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  1. It’s natural for Black Americans to feel a sense of pride in President O’Bama. Moreover, since President O’Bama is a Bears’ fan, it only figures that the coach of the Bears would return the favor.

    At the end of 4 years, I think Black Americans need to ask what historical hardship(s) was (were) lifted from their shoulders that can be attributed to President O’Bama. Black voter turnout was heavy in 2008; probably the heaviest ever. If that subsides in 2012, such a phenomena might suggest an answer to the question at hand. We’ll just have to wait and see.

    In the mean time, I hold nothing against Lovie Smith for supporting Barak O’Bama’s re-election. I know of few people in Chicago who feel differently.

    In the mean time, when November comes around, the Bears better be headed for an NFL playoff birth or Lovie could find his welcome wore out with the fans… along with his favorite candidate for POTUS.

    You might want to re-visit this post in 7.5 months.

    1. Supporting someone because of his race, is wrong. Period. That makes the issue of the race of the person, THE issue, not the philosophy of governance behind the man’s thinking. I refuse to fall into that trap.

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