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I apologize to my non-American readers for the following story, it has nothing to do with the issues the TT usually deals with. The following story is about a woman, Sandra Fluke, who sat before a ‘Democrat only’ hearing of congressional representatives to listen to her discuss how she can’t afford contraceptives. The partisan hearing was due to a complaint from feminists that the earlier hearing (from both sides of the aisle) didn’t include a single female, so they concocted another hearing to listen to the woman, Sandra Fluke, give her testimony.

Making a long story short, Fluke griped that she couldn’t afford her sex life, and wanted it subsidized by the taxpayers. Now remember, this is in the context of Obama-care, and the mandate that forces religious institutions to hand out contraceptives with the federal government forcing companies to provide them at no cost.

Talk show radio host Rush Limbaugh said during a broadcast, and repeated himself in defense of his earlier comments that Fluke’s demands were tantamount to her being a slut, a prostitute, she wants money for her having sex. The analogy was correct, but it played into the Left’s hands, something very untypical for Limbaugh, and the controversy continued, this time for calls for Rush to be removed from the air.

It’s all a carefully ‘conceived’ plot (too bad the Republicans couldn’t place a condom on it) to divert public attention away from the anti-constitutional mandate Obama-care seeks to install, and a gross violation of the 1st amendment, freedom of religious life. The woman was carefully picked, and according to Stacy McCain, she advocated for mandatory coverage for sex-change surgery as well.

She’s not a hapless lass who can’t afford her own contraception, even if she couldn’t, free condoms and pills are coming out the wazoo, they’re obtainable everywhere. This is about something else, it’s about a woman who holds highly different views to that of the Catholic university she enrolled herself in, and was picked because of it, to attack that very same institution thereby diverting the public’s attention, with something that’s not an issue, into an issue, and then hammering the opposition with charges of misogyny, bigotry and mean spiritedness in general.

That she directs the public’s attention to Media Matters seals the deal, this is a Democrat op, possibly orchestrated by the White House, to create false narratives and take down a highly popular radio host in the process. remember one thing, the left has said more foul things about conservatives and never once has the president picked up the phone to comfort them as he did with Fluke. This is a huge scamming of the American people and the media are in on the fix.


Liberal activist Sandra Fluke made her case to the mostly female audience of the ABC show “The View,” where she claimed —apparently without irony— that she is being silenced by Rush Limbaugh. She also gave a significant clue that her “stunned” sense of outrage seems to be a scripted part of a larger narrative trifecta: supporting Obamacare, destroying religious liberty and silencing the right.

Anyone who follows the Institutional Left was probably suspicious when President Obama called Ms. Fluke on the phone in his unofficial role as Community Organizer in Chief. I scoured the history books and can’t find another case of a sitting president personally contacting a US citizen because a radio talk show host had said something about them that hurt their feelings. Certainly, President Obama made no such called to Laura Ingraham when MSNBC’s Ed Schultz called her a slut. Ms. Fluke described the President as “kind.”

However, Ms. Fluke pulled back the curtain midway through her interview on “The View” when she suggested that viewers head over to the website of Media Matters for America. As The Daily Caller recently exposed, there’s been a high level of coordination between the White House and Media Matters for America, so of course it’s no shock that Ms. Fluke chose MMFA as her leftist propaganda arm of choice.

One of Media Matters’s main jobs has been shutting down right wing media voices were ever possible. They want a world with no Breitbart.com, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh or any dissenting voices in the run-up to the 2012 election. The level of coordination should concern anyone because it’s the president using his position and bully pulpit as a way to quell criticism by utilizing the Institutional Left’s infrastructure.


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