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No matter where it’s tried, utopia doesn’t work.

This is the kicker, even during the best of times when the utopian healthcare system is supposedly ‘working’ a patient still can legally experience a waiting line that would be deemed totally unacceptable by American standards, as it should be.

According to health legislation, people with acute health problems should be able to see a doctor within three months.

Growing queues for doctors in Espoo

published today Mar 5 07:13 AM, updated today Mar 5 11:20 AM

Patients may have to queue for months to see a doctor in some of Espoo’s public health centres, while the city’s appointment booking systems can leave patients waiting for weeks to get appointment times. According to the Patient Ombudsman of Espoo, such shortcomings in public health amount to near infringements of health legislation.

Many Espoo residents are all too familiar with the difficulty of accessing a doctor. Patients left to nurse ailments by themselves have complained about the shortcomings of health care to Espoo’s patient Ombudsman.

“More and more people seem to find it difficult to see a doctor. There are many hurdles before one even gets to talk to a physician,” Espoo’s Patient Ombudsman Unto Ahvensalmi said.

Patients in Espoo should receive appointment times by post after using a phone appointment booking system. However, it can take weeks before the appointment letter arrives.

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NOTE: This should serve as a warning to Americans, you do not want this system whatsoever.

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  1. Brrrrrr, how a dreadful picture that of those two kids in the field… it makes me shudder to the bones.

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