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President Obama has started to promote algae growing as an answer to American fossil fuel ”dependency”, The People’s Cube comes up with a brilliant response to it.

Once the global oil industry was dismantled so as to stop wars for oil, the world plunged into a desperate and seemingly endless global war for algae…

And, as always, progressive protesters rallied in the streets for peace, while proudly carrying indignant signs and chanting anti-war and anti-algae slogans:

No blood for algae!
– No war for algae and Empire!
– Stop Obama’s illegal war for algae!
– Stop America’s addiction to algae!
– Another generation betrayed by Big Slime!
– Algae: not in my name!

NOTE: The People’s Cube knocks it out of the park with this one, follow the link to the pics, they are absolutely hilarious.

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  1. Now I am 100% convinced that the energy problem is they typical nonexistent problem created by the (Democrat) politicians in order to “solve” it with grants to their friends at State Science Institute. They will never let go the “Climate Change” thing. They will always concentrate on things that don’t work (wind, solar, green energy) and destroy everything that works (hydropower, nuclear power, geothermal power). There is shale gas for the next 1000 years. There is thorium for another 1000 years, there is uranium for 100 years, there is oil for another 40-50 years. Geothermal power can last practically indefinitely, bottomless pit, and it’s very cheap.

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