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This kind of crap is typical for the insane times we now live in.

Any statement that promotes violence against other law abiding citizens in that society, is not free speech, and by default, not protected. This lawyer spins morality on its ear in trying to portray the jihadi as a victim, who is being persecuted for just speaking his mind. Calling for the murder of a former politician is going to be one hell of a case to win for Arvid Sjødin.

Sjødin said Krekar’s statements are allowed within freedom of speech, and he warned of the consequences of convicting him.

“Naturally Krakar has a right to defend his religion. If Krekar is convicted, it will send a message to the rest of Europe and the Middle East that in Norway you can insult Islam with impunity, while those who defend their religion are imprisoned. It can cause problems for Norway, ” said Sjødin.

Norway: ‘Mullah Krekar has right to defend his religion’, says his lawyer

Via VG:

The prosecutor in the trail against Mulla Krekar (Najmuddin Faraj Ahmad) asked for five years imprisonment. Krekar is charged with threatening the head of the Conservative Party, Erna Solberg, and with threatening to kill three Kurds who posted a YouTube video of a Koran being burnt.

Krekar’s laywer, Arvid Sjødin, said in his concluding statement that the Kurds deliberately provoked a reaction from Krekar by filming the Koran burning and posting it online.

“They knew perfectly well what reaction will occur. Therefore they put into motion a campaign to get Krekar to say what they knew he would say,” said Sjødin. “In Western Norway we have a saying, if you sit on barbed wire, don’t complain that it pricks. These people sat down on barbed wire.”

The lawyer also denied that Krekar threatened the three Kurds. “When Krekar says that when you do such insulting things you can die, it’s not a threat, but a factual observation from a religious viewpoint.”

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  1. Thank you for posting this! So – make death threats; free speech. Tell truth about islam; you deserve any punishment because “you should have known better”??? Guess who’s paying for the lawyer by the way. I say it’s the same people who have been supporting this charmer and his family for the last 20 years while he’s been busy devising all sorts of teeth for biting the hand that not only feeds him but pours truckloads of food over him.

    1. Well put Cecilie. These a-holes hate us, all the while they use the society as a diaper as they suck off the cream.

  2. So if I tell you that I hate you and want to kill you, that’s free speech but if someone else tells you that I hate you and want to kill you then that’s not free speech but hate speech!
    Another thing – if the lawyer says Mullah Krekar has the right to defend his religion then is the lawyer actually ADMITTING the fact that Krekar’s religion is violent and hateful? After all, why defend your religion in such a way?

  3. Oh yeah, effing brilliant. WE (europeans) get arrested just for complaining about immigration, immigrant crime, or islam in general.

    If I said oh they’ll kill politicians & they’ll kill those kurds who burnt that Qu’ran because that’s how they are; etc., I’D be ARRESTED for a hate crime, inciting hatred, blah blah, but when this FILTHBAG says the same damn thing IT’S FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

    How is saying “you’ll die if you send me to Iraq and I die there” DEFENDING your religion anyway? AW I’m gonna VOMIT.

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