Over at The Blaze, The Lawman states the following:

Hello, this is The Lawman, of the Law and Freedom Foundation, the guy mentioned in this article.

Thank you very much for all your kind comments and support, which are much appreciated!

I think it is a very good and exciting idea to start up a US branch. The first step is to get our English section fully effective. We’ve not long started, but so far the signs are good: we have won each of the ten cases we have fought to date. Our 100% success rate may not be permanent, but there’s all to fight for.

In reply to your comments, we mainly need funding – sorry but it’s true. Plus a few reliable, salt-of-the-earth volunteers who can devote an hour or two each week, rain or shine. Please visit our website for the email.

The approach is transferrable. I think it can transfer to America because your politicians, whilst less dire than ours, still appear to have a healthy dose of cowardice and opportunism. You can succeed.

We will prevail. That is not the issue. The issue is what harm our leaders will cause in order to push their PC gravy train a bit further. And this is why it is essential for us to take lawful but firm action early.

Keep going, and kind regards!

The Lawman

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