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Finland has its links to another dhimmi Lutheran Arab pastor/bishop, that being none other than, Munib Younan. He regularly smears Israel in the Finnish media, and is responsible for propagandizing countless number of ignorant Finnish students working in the various NGO’s in his areas of influence in J’lem.

His group has “received hundreds of protest emails,”he added.

Bethlehem-based pastor Mitri Raheb is slated to receive the humanitarian prize on Thursday in the southwestern German city of Baden-Baden.

Raheb supports the controversial Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement targeting the Jewish state, and has rejected the right of the Jewish people to live in Israel.

According to the Jewish NGO B’nai B’rith, Raheb said at the 2010 Christ at the Checkpoint Conference – an overtly anti-Israel gathering – that “Israel represents Rome of the Bible, not the people of the land,” asserting that he has a DNA link to King David and Jesus. But, he said, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu does not have this link and “will get nothing, because Netanyahu comes from an eastern European tribe who converted to Judaism in the Middle Ages.”

Daniel S. Mariaschin, B’nai B’rith International’sexecutive vice president, told the Post that “Mitri Raheb’s words and deeds are a real-time example of the demonization of Israel with the intention of delegitimizing Israel. This should be enough to disqualify him from receiving the prize and should in fact make him the subject of criticism, instead of the recipient of a prestigious award.”

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