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The Sheik says:

“Professor” Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu’s speech to the infidel Australians

Our untrustworthy state run media covers up.  Vlad Tepes delivers, as usual:

The Solution to Islamic terror? Easy! Just surrender, convert, and give them everything they want! Then there is nothing left to “agitate” for.

From Ibrahim Smythe

I had the pleasure of witnessing Professor Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu’s speech today (15 February 2012) to the Australian National Press club.

His Excellency spoke in support of his struggle to make expressions of Islamophobia a criminal offence in Australia, as it is under Sharia in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan, and Iran.

His Excellency, the Professor, is Secretary General of the splendid body known as the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  Saudi Arabia is a noted defender of human-rights; with exceptions in relation to some small, unworthy categories of women,  homosexuals, Shiites, Christians, Baha’i, Hindus, heretics, democrats, non-Arabs, free-thinkers, writers, artists, atheists, Zoroastrians, witches, infidels, polytheists, Jews, non-royalty, agnostics, foreigners, blasphemers, former-Muslims and other non-Muslims.  We would do well to listen with due reverence to the lessons the Saudis can impart, if we value our way of life.

I present, below, a report of the significant themes of His Excellency’s authoritative lecture to the abusers of human rights in Australia.  Believers, of course, need no explanation of the necessity of punishing free expression of belief and disbelief, but His Excellency was not preaching to the converted in secular Australia.  It was with mind-boggling delight and wonder that I listened to his Excellency lecture Australia on human rights.

His Excellency supports True Sharia, rejects False Islam, and is a Doctrinal Opponent of Islamopbia

Questioned as to why several Australian Muslims have taken up violence in Australia in support of Islam, His Excellency confessed himself at a loss, but concluded with confidence that such people must be followers of a type of false Islam preached there.

His Excellency did not state whether Islamophobia in relation to “false Islamists” would still be permissible in Australia, under the censorship regime he demanded.  His Excellency did not have time to set out the basis for his expertise in distinguishing false Islamists from the true ones.  Certainly, that skill would allow him to put an end to the devout sectarian violence that has afflicted the Islamic world since the death of the Prophet.

Neither did His Excellency have time to address the fact that the false Islamists in Australia adhere closely and faithfully to the words and deeds of the Prophet, and follow up their beliefs with actions to promote Sharia in the world, just like His Excellency.  However, if Australia will simply follow His Excellency’s call, and criminalize action deemed offensive by Islam, the terrorists will have nothing more to agitate for.

His Excellency Praises Australia

His Excellency stated that one of the best places in the world for a Muslim to live is Australia.   However, His Excellency has demanded that Australia needs to ensure that blasphemy against Islam is illegal, and is recognized as an irresponsible abuse of free speech.

(His Excellency must surely be aware that, unlike the Islamic word, secular Australia is one of the most accommodating places for people of any religion, or of no religion.  His Excellency did not see fit to reflect on the Australian system of neglecting to privilege and reward the taking of religious offence. It’s really only Islam that seeks to do that, anymore, in Australia. Paradoxically, the pattern of refugee migration and migration by choice is now consistently from the nations where blasphemy is a crime, to the secular free world.  In the free world, blasphemy is usually regarded as a victimless crime and state prosecution for it is mostly a memory.  People are unaccountably tolerant of expressions of belief and disbelief in the free world.)

His Excellency is, of course, a scholar.  He is, no doubt, fully aware that the backward, non-Islamic, secular world has, since the age of the enlightenment, mostly decided that laws against blasphemy run counter to the secular principles of liberty, freedom of religion, and free inquiry in the interests of truth and progress.

His Excellency is Outraged by Offences against Islamic Doctrine.  (Non-Muslim human rights might warrant consideration, later.)

His Excellency was later asked what his organization was doing about the regular pattern of divinely-justified brutality against non-Muslims in the Muslim world – such as beheadings of Christians.

His Excellency answered with a palpable and icy indignation..  However his answer was not, so far as I saw it, to condemn beheadings being justified in the name of Allah.

In fact, His Excellency first found it necessary to channel his righteous resentment into intoning at length on the following three gross manifestations of brutal Islamophobic abuse of Muslims, and in this order

  1. 1.       Drawings purported to be of Muhammad were printed in 2005.  The drawings were “nasty, ill-conceived and uncivilized” and offensive to him, much like Salman Rushdie, yet some people still dare defend “freedom of expression” without violence.  His Excellency was not so immoderate as to be judgmental of the perpetrators of the widespread Islamic threats, violence, and murder in the wake of the drawings.  Such responses were, I presume, rational, proper, devout and civilized reactions to nasty, uncivilized drawings.
  2. 2.       Switzerland has building restrictions on mosque minarets.  (With gross violations such as that, this writer does not wonder that Switzerland is such a glaring morass of human rights abuses, in contrast to the world governed by Sharia.)
  3. 3.       It is outrageous that “so-called democracy” and Islamophobia allows people to treat Islam as if it were a political force that can be countered by political speech, through elections, and through democratic procedures in government.  People who oppose Islam and would like to rid Australia of its influence actually, and amazingly, garner votes and seats in the current free democratic system. Endorsing Islam politically is admirable, but resisting it politically and peacefully should really be intolerable.

His Excellency did not identify any pattern of divinely-justified brutality against Muslims in Australia, carried out by Christians or atheists, and endorsed by their religious texts, in the period since the free world became secular.

Unfortunately, I did not get to witness His Excellency’s views on offensiveness of killing people who publish drawings, or of other beheadings, or of the fact that you can’t build a Christian church in Arabia, or be an atheist there, or express ambivalence about the Prophet without facing beheading as the Prophet requires. Neither did I see His Excellency condemn the proposition that Australia’s democracy, and freedom of belief and expression, should be made subservient to a religious creed. I will allow that His Excellency could possibly have made these condemnations, later, when I wasn’t watching.

Sharia and His Excellency Condemn the Worst form of Islamophobia

The sincerest expression of Islamophobia is the act of deciding that, even though one is born a Muslim, Islam is manifestly misguided, unjust, and repressive, and that one, therefore, can no longer remain a Muslim and must argue against it.  Under Islamic law, and His Excellency’s creed, this conduct is the most serious crime. By Sharia and the command of the Prophet this conduct is correctly punishable by death, as all mainstream schools of Islamic scholarship, Sunni and Shia, agree.

Obeying His Excellency’s outraged religious requests will go a long way to turning back the libertarian principles of freedom of religion, freedom of belief, secularism and the enlightenment, and bring Australia into line with Islamic principles.  Under this scheme, there will be no more ex-Muslims in Australia, and certainly none willing to state their views, beliefs, insights and reasons like the infidel Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and other fugitives.

Liberty Mistreats Islam as a Political Force, and Prevents the Flourishing of Sharia

With devout men like His Excellency, Professor Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu in charge of the correct version of Islam, I can well understand why he believes Islamophobia needs to be punished by the state.  If Islamophobia is not punished, free expression of belief or disbelief would mean that Sharia never gains its due ascendancy in any free nation.

The free expression of praise or condemnation as one’s will demands must be supressed in support of Professor Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu’s religion, as it was with the Catholic Church in the dark ages.  Once free critique and Christophobic condemnation of that Church was no longer enforced by state power, all manner of liberties broke loose, as we well know.

The introduction of a state-enforced offence of Islamophobia will surely be necessary to the progress of Islam and Sharia to in all of the, as yet, un-Islamic free world.  This progress, so successful during the Islamic military conquest of North Africa, the Middle East, Spain, and Persia for example, has sadly stalled since the middle ages.

The Islamic vision for the Free World

I look forward to an Australia where religio-political ideologies are privileged, no matter how much their essential scriptures mandate and support homophobic, xenophobic, gynophobic, and liberty-phobic causes.  In this future Australia, such religio-political ideologies may be patronisingly praised and indulged for their cultural value and deep medieval wisdom, but never condemned.   The dignity of their indignant messengers, self-appointed earthly representatives of God, recipients of the book, and superior to our earthly ideas and values, must be protected by law.  Make fun of literally anyone else. Critique any other political cause, and any institution.  But who would dream of making fun of God’s true agents, except an infidel madman?  Let us hope Islam remains that unique religion that will never be subjected to free questioning, for all our sakes.  A future Australia? We need only look to the example and demands of the Islamic world.

More opportunity for His Excellency

His Excellency, Professor Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, has been given a platform at Griffith University on Thursday, 15 February, 2012 in order to further advance his enlightened Islamic programme to a respectful and, no-doubt receptive audience of free-thinkers.

May free-thinkers and other infidels be prevented, God willing, from finding a like platform at any university in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Iran.


I apologise that, owing to fear of reprisal by the usual gang of violent and offended Christians, women, democrats, free-thinkers and secularists, I cannot identify myself by my full and true name.  This is a sad, Islamophobic consequence of being a supporter of criminalizing freedom of belief and expression.

I do not want to be the victim of their inevitable violent, secular Islamophobic reprisals that will never be seriously condemned by their great priests and secretaries-general. I fear that perhaps Ayaan Hirsi Ali or Hamza Kashgari might even call for me to be deported to Switzerland to be decapitated.

Yours faithfully, and as God (of whom I am most surely a legitimate spokesperson and agent) wills,

Ibrahim Kashgari Voltaire-Smythe


15 February 2012

I invite you to publish and freely distribute my report, if you so desire, copyright retained by the author.  I ask that you please note in the publication if you have edited or abridged the report.  Please email me if you wish to further communicate.

Peace through Jihad & Deceit:


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  1. Blasphemy is my RIGHT. I demand to be able to state without let or hindrance that the prophet mohammed was a woman-hating war-mongering paedophile and almaost certainly completely insane

    1. I must beg to disagree with you there, he was also a slave trader, a serial abuser of women and probably a pederast too if the truth is known.

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