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Completely potty: This 'toilet training' poster was put up in ladies' toilets at Swansea University after some were found in a mess

Toilet training for 18-YEAR-OLDS: University puts up posters giving foreign students lessons in how to use Western loos


Last updated at 1:43 AM on 11th February 2012

The stereotypical student is a messy sort of beast, with a fondness for alcohol and daytime TV and an allergy to washing up.

But for all their foibles, most people would expect the teenaged scamps to have mastered the use of a toilet.

Not so at Swansea University, where campus chiefs have put up signs in a helpful attempt to provide students with toilet training.

Completely potty: This ‘toilet training’ poster was put up in ladies’ toilets at Swansea University after some were found in a mess

University bosses said they put up instructions about how to use the toilets properly after some were found in a mess, sparking a series of complaints.

Explaining their decision, they blamed ‘cultural differences’ in the way the toilets are used by foreign students, some of whom are used to the ‘squat toilets’ common in parts of Asia and Europe.


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  1. The great multiculturalist think tanks of the past forgot to come up with a theory on how to compatibilize cultures in terms of hygiene and the proper use of toilets! A new version of “Eros and civilization is needed”! Let’s call it: “Toilets and civilization”! hahaha!

  2. I think this happened in a university (!) in Rotterdam a few years back as well. Can’t remember the full story, but it was something about the toilets not being multicultural enough for Muslim students.

    1. A devout and pious ‘follower of the teachings of the prophet’ must never relieve themselves facing the ‘holy city’.

  3. Beyond ‘potty training’ these culturally deficient ‘immigrants’ need schooling on how to behave in a civil society. An impossible task.

  4. How to turn backward shitters into sophisticated poopers…
    What is the world coming to, these days ?

  5. Ah, so the Left has been caught out! The fact that they need this instructional material PROVES that deep down they know that not all cultures are equal. They know that some cultures are so backward that they still shit like animals.
    Why bother with the instructions at all? In the interests of diversity, they can create two separate toilets,one for the civilised Westerners and one for the primitive people. The former will be clean, hygienic and modern – the latter will be in a muddy field outside, a hole dug in the ground where the primitives can defecate to their hearts content, how they like, when they like and using whatever number of rocks and stones they desire to wipe their cholera-infested asses with!

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