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Add this to yesterday’s story about Spain going Muslim and you’ll begin to see a picture unfolding. A commenter to the post, Danko, had this to say:

The problem here in Spain is that people in general are utterly ignorant, and they just do not care what happens around them. And mainstream media simply does not tell a word about these facts exposed by CBN. The tv channels are filled with probably the most stupid programs to be found in the world, people has been idiotized to the extreme and one who does not take the trouble of searching for the proper source of information just thinks that everything is OK.

It’s just amazing that even on the streets one sometimes feels that there’s really no crisis. Here where I live there’s almost more shops of elegant dresses for weddings and cocktails that of normal casual wear. These people are just living in a dream. The level of denial is simply outrageous. One sees clearly that the battle to regain control of Europe will begin somewhere in north Europa. Spain will be overwhelmed by muslims, and it will be free of them again once the rest of Europe has already been reconquered.

There’s no point on relying on the actual indigenous spanish population. And the few ones like that of the video are truly rare exceptions. Their fight is like that of Don Quijote against the mills. Here’s a link to the infamous mosque of Gibraltar:

NOTE: There’s no doubt that the number of Muslims being butchered like this in Spain, and elsewhere in Europe, are in the majority. That said, the practice however has to be stopped, no matter where they hail from and what group is responsible.

Up to 10,000 African girls in Spain ‘risk genital mutilation’

THOUSANDS of young girls in Spain could be at risk of undergoing female circumcision without an anaesthetic when they reach puberty, disturbing figures show. Around five million girls worldwide, aged between toddlerhood and around 18 years old suffer this potentially deadly mutilation every year.

But around 10,000 in Spain are also at risk, having been born into families from one of the 27 countries around the globe – most of which are in sub-Saharan Africa and particularly include Sénégal, Mali and Nigeria – where this barbaric practice is not against the law.

It consists of removing all outer parts of the girl’s genitals and stitching them up, and is rarely carried out using any form of sedation. Often, it takes place in the desert with sharp instruments such as a broken shard of glass or a stone. Since age commands respect in many African countries, parents often find themselves overriden by grandparents or elderly women inn their villages if they try to refuse to put their daughters through the process.

More here.

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  1. This news is really shocking when compared to what happened one day ago in Spain. The Queen Sofia chaired the presentation of the newly founded organization “Women for Africa”, commited to help women and girls… in Africa. The article does not make mention of any help to african women or girls suffering in Spain…

    Here’s a translated excerpt from the article:

    Queen Sofia will preside over the presentation of the Foundation “Women in Africa” at the National Museum Reina Sofia Art Center.

    Women’s Foundation for Africa is purely private, and is born with the vocation to become a reference entity in the national and international commitment to sustainable economic and social development, human rights, peace, justice and people’s dignity, and most especially of women and girls in Africa. The Foundation wants to continue the work of the meetings held by “Women for a Better World”, consolidating social models that dignify the lives of women and enable the sustainable development of the continent.

    The framework of Spain’s relations with Africa has undergone rapid transformation. The proximity of the continent, gradually increasing interdependence and mutual understanding gradually have marked relations between the two regions. Since 2004 the African continent became a strategic priority and policy Spanish foreign policy.

    This measure was developed at the first Africa Plan (2006-2008) which was followed by a second Africa Plan (2009-2012), a tool that has contributed to the planning and coordination of different policies and strategies of Spain in the region. Likewise, the Spanish Development Cooperation Policy has reflected this commitment to the African continent in developing courses of action and allocate specific resources for this region.

    In addition, Spain has been integrated into the design of the Spanish international cooperation strategy commitments from the Millennium Declaration in 2000, which are reflected in the successive Plans of International Cooperation. Spain has dramatically increased the budget for Africa. So in 2009 Official Development Aid (ODA) was intended to mainland 1429.5 million sub-Saharan Africa being the main geographic area receiving assistance.

    West Africa has become a regional priority for Spanish cooperation. The gross amount given by Spain to the Official Development Assistance in this region has increased steadily, year after year, from 48,104,847 million in 2004 to 162,938,636 million in 2008. In the same period the AECID increased the amount from 5,618,852 million to 49,157,672 million.

    source: https://www.casareal.es/noticias/news/20120208_fundacion_mujeres_africa-ides-idweb.html

  2. There should be 10 muslim males having half of their penises lopped off with a dull razor blade on a dirty rock for every female that is genitally mutilated. I’ll just bet these savages would soon decide that FGM should be banned.

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