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The traditional Islamic understanding of dogs is abhorrent. Just recently a Dutch muslim politician issued a fartwa against the dogs of Europe, here’s yet another story of a ‘tolerance challenged’ Muslim, this time a  tax driver, refusing a ride to a man with a seeing eye dog. Real sick.

NOTE: These animals offer pure joy and companionship to the owner, and in some cases like a seeing eye dog, offer a valued service. It’s obvious in this case which one actually cares for the blind and is of more value to society.

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Muslim cab driver refuses guide dog in Letchworth

A BLIND man says he was refused use of a taxi in Letchworth because the Muslim driver would not allow his guide dog in the car.

Blind journalist Sean Dilley with Chipp

Blind journalist Sean Dilley with Chipp

Stevenage resident Sean Dilley had been at Letchworth Sports and Tennis Club in Muddy Lane with his guide dog Chipp on Sunday evening for a blind tennis demonstration.

Friends had organised for a taxi driver to pick up the 29-year-old after the event and take him back to Letchworth rail station.

But when the driver arrived shortly after 7pm to pick him up, he refused to let Sean and Chipp in the car.

“The driver turned up and said you are more than welcome but I’m not taking your dog,” said Sean, who has been blind for 15 years.

“He said it was because he was a Muslim. I was horrified. This sort of thing happens all the time and it’s not acceptable.”

The debate between Sean and the driver was caught on camera by a friend.

It has been reported that some strands of Islam teach that dogs should be avoided because the animal’s saliva is considered to be impure.

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  1. I wouldn’t want to get into a taxi with a Muslim driver anyway. I work with a few Muslims and judging by what my nose tells me, their personal hygiene is not really, shall we say, ‘up-to-standard’.
    Whenever a Muslim refers to dogs as unclean, then three words should always spring to mind :- pot, kettle and black!

  2. No dogs, no alcohol. But you can beat your wife…interesting belief system.

  3. Expect no less from the practitioners of ‘The Religion Of Peace’

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