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And look what else popped out.

H/T: Fjordman, Picture: Sheik Yer’Mami (PBUH)

Austrian and German terrorists hid plans in their underpants

Two alleged terrorists including one Austrian hid plans in their underpants to hack off heads, burn bodies and then send the videos back to their al-Qaeda bosses in Afghanistan, a German court has heard. German Yusuf Ocak, 26, and Austrian Maqsood Lodin, 22, were arrested last year and charged with membership in a terrorist organisation. Prosecutors in Berlin say both underwent terrorist training in the lawless frontier region of Pakistan.

The court investigating the activities of the two Berlin-based suspected terrorists has heard how a USB stick was found in the underpants of 22-year-old Lodin which included a folder with the filename “future work”. It detailed how they would terrorise the Western world with small campaigns that “the enemy” would find it impossible to combat, and that would generate “panic” in the population.

Other folders detailed how to carry out kidnappings and murders and to inspire fear that anyone living in the West could find themselves murdered at any time. It also included details on how to avoid capture by accidentally releasing information that might lead investigators onto the terrorist’s trail. The pair had been allegedly trying to build up a network of suicide bombers in Berlin and Vienna.

The pair are charged with recruiting Islamist militants and releasing a propaganda video threatening attacks. Ocak is accused of travelling to the border region between Afghanistan and Pakistan in May of 2009 to take part in armed combat against NATO forces. He is also charged with helping to found a group called the German Taliban Mujahideen, which in one Internet video threatened Germany over its troop deployment in Afghanistan.

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  2. A USB stick was found in the underpants of 22-year-old

    This must be a “plug and play” USB.

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