UPDATE: Two elderly woman, in their late 60’s were yanked from their tour bus by Beduins.

UPDATE II: American women kidnapped by Egyptian gunmen released into army custody

Egyptian gunmen kidnap two American tourists in Sinai

CAIRO — Gunmen in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula kidnapped two American women on Friday in an apparent attempt to hold them for ransom, security sources said.

Security in the isolated desert region has deteriorated since the overthrow of President Hosni Mubarak in a popular uprising last February. South Sinai’s Red Sea coast is a major tourism hub for Egypt.

The two tourists were among a party of five travelling from Saint Catherine’s monastery in central Sinai to the resort town of Sharm el-Sheikh when a vehicle carrying men armed with machineguns stopped their small bus, the sources said.

The gunmen first took all the tourists’ money and valuables and then, as an apparent afterthought, grabbed the two women, forced them into their vehicle and fled into the mountains, the security officials said.

Two army and police search parties had gone into the area to try to track them down, the officials said.


7 Responses

  1. Wonder what the Obama administration will do. It has spiraled out of their hands.

  2. only the stupidest of people “vacation” in third-world shiiteholes

    leave them where they are

  3. Typical behavior by Muslims in Islamic states. To call them barbaric would be a compliment.

  4. Yahoo’s front page lists the following as one of their leading news headlines (does not match actual article’s title at the link) . . .American tourists praise Egyptian kidnappers after release

    Just another example of the msm’s effortto protect the Muslim Brotherhood’s Arab Spring narrative. Even these tourists kidnapping is characterized in a positive light. Absolute insanity.

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