The September 11th attackers based their actions in complete detail on verses from this book. Since 9/11 alone, there have been over 18,300 fatal, islamically motivated attacks. In the 1400 years of its existence, the aggression in the name of Islam has cost 270 million people their lives, according to the Shoebat Institute. Brothers use these verses when they kill their sisters who have lived “unislamically,” fathers to force their daughters into marriage. In many European cities, there are counter-societies growing that find their basis for walling themselves off from Western societies in this book: the Quran.

(By PI Munich)

The Turkish author Zafer Senocak, who has dealt in extensively with Islam, summed it up in a clear and unmistakable way in his detailed article “Terror comes from the heart of Islam” at Welt Online:

“Even when most Muslims don’t want to admit it, terror comes from the heart of Islam; it comes right out of the Quran. It is oriented against everyone who doesn’t live and behave according to the rules of the Quran, thus against democrats, Western-inspired thinkers and scholars, against agnostics and atheists. It is especially oriented against women. It is the handiwork of a male-centric Islam, one that would exert all power possible to prevent women from being equal and finding an end to their centuries-long subjugation.”

The ageless relevance of the Quran, the immense consequences of its contents and its disastrous implication for us “infidels” can’t be the subject of discussion often enough. PI Munich, therefore, has prepared an analysis about this titled “The Quran – The World’s Most Dangerous Book. Here are a few excerpts from it:

More here.

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  1. This is the kind of article that the OIC and its camp followers in the EU and the US, would like to see banned.

    Not just Islam needs banning from Europe, but the entire ruling establishment of the EU should be banished from Europe.

  2. As we all well know many Western European countries especially France has hundreds, yes hundreds of ‘no go’ zones or areas that are not secure and the civil authorities cannot enter without a heavy police presence. Municipal workers, postal workers, and even police detectives conducting investigations are routinely harassed by Muslim immigrant ‘youuuths’ and sometimes pelted with rocks. When the police enter these so called ‘estates’, ‘Muslim slums’ ,or self imposed ghettos all of the bogus Muslim crybaby groups start screaming police brutality, racism ,and allege Islamophoba. This is a failure of government whose main function is the safety of all of it’s citizens ans the security of the state. However nothing will change until the average citizen had had enough of this BS, and will hopefully vote into office politicians with backbone and ba##s. The European citizens have got to stop driniking the liberal leftist EU Kool Aid.

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