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The Tundra Tabloids had an email exchange years ago, with Finnish far-Left hack journalist, Hannu Remes, where he stated that “the lablel of activist journalist is just too lofty of a mantle for his shoulders to bear.” But in all honesty, that is exactly what he does, activism with a pen, and on the taxpayers’ dime (works for state broadcaster YLE). So  here we have in the US, the Rolling Stone Polk prize winning journo, Michael Hastings, who sees the majority of his peers, including himself, as liberals. and who have a real “moralistic kind of righteousness” in their reporting.” Anyone shocked anymore?

NOTE: “Investigative journalism” is a just a code word for digging up dirt on a Republican, which can be seen in the kids glove approach to the mine field loaded back ground of the Marxist-In-Chief, Barack Obama.

Breitbart: Rolling Stone’s Polk Award-winning journalist Michael Hastings, the man who wrote the article that caused General McCrystal to resign, told C-Span that the journalism field is liberal, but that any real journalist isn’t an “activist” but has a real “moralistic kind of righteousness” in their reporting.”

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