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Taking the Japanese out of sushi cooking

Japanese Restaurants Now Serve Halal

 Japanese restaurants in France are offering halal food. Miyako is a franchise that serves Paris and the surrounding area. Novopress reports:

Here is a major discovery thanks to the Japanese restaurant Miyako in the department of Val-de-Marne: the publicity flyer for this establishment indicates that the menus prepared for sale contain halal meat. We didn’t realize until now that in Japanese culture, the gastronomical codes required the use of meat from animals bled while alive and turned in the direction of Mecca. In this case we are close to merchandise fraud.

The problem here is a lack of respect for the customer, a frontal attack on his knowledge and his intelligence. When a person who likes sushi goes into a Japanese restaurant, it is, in the majority of cases, with the intention of eating traditional meals from the land of the rising sun, and not halal meals that refer to an Islamic culture. This case also reminds us that certain luxury products with a French brand name, and proudly touted as French brands, are in truth made in China.

With globalism, anything is possible.

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