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This is the aim of the Marxists. Belief in God keeps the US populace from being completely overrun by the Leftards in their march towards changing the republic into something resembling a European, full blown socialist nanny state, ruled by elitist technocrats who couldn’t give a rats ass about your liberty.

They’ll try to dumb you down, ridicule your beliefs (except for Islam, the Muslims are the Left’s pet cause presently, not only because they’re fellow utopians, but that they also help to challenge the status quo in US society) in the attempt to separate you from your birthright, that being the US constitution, the safeguard of your continued liberty and freedom.

The attack on religion (Christianity) is in essence an attack on the basic premise of the US constitution itself, Natural Law. That being, your rights as a free people do not originate from man, but from the Creator. These unalienable rights are self evident and can never be rescinded nor added to, they are constant, existing before any king was born or before any parliament was created.

This is why the Left sought so hard to destroy religious life in Europe, and successfully so, and ironically, in spite of the importing of mass numbers of Muslims to the continent. They apparently cling to the misguided belief (that’s perhaps changing) that they can manage this group as easily as they have done with the Christians of Europe.

Folks, the more you come to understand the concept of ‘Natural Law’, and the crucial role it played in the minds of the men that founded the United States, (as imperfect as the founding was at the time, slavery still existed but its days were numbered at the ratification of the US constitution) the more you will understand the need of the Left to remove the belief in God from public life. It’s much more easier to rule over them.

NOTE: It’s one of the age old conundrums for conservative atheists who believe in the US constitution.

Obama’s Former Faith Adviser: ‘I, Frankly, Am Glad American Civil Religion is Dying’

By Penny Starr
January 25, 2012

(CNSNews.com) – Shaun Casey, the religious affairs adviser to presidential candidate Barack Obama in 2008, said at a discussion on Tuesday about “God and Politics” that the demise of religious society in the United States is a good thing.

“I, frankly, am glad American civil religion is dying,” said Casey, who is an associate professor of Christian Ethics at Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C.

Casey made the remarks at an event focusing on religion and the 2012 presidential election at the liberal Center for American Progress where he was a panelist along with Gabriel Salguero, president of the National Hispanic Evangelical Coalition.

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