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The judge’s first mistake was to even consider the lying biting bastard’s testimony.

Take a good look folks, this is the actual cheek of the man bitten by the Muslim Kuwaiti, Mohamed Abdelkarim, who came over to their table, knocked their material and a camera being held to the ground, and assaulted their persons.

 There is no doubt in my mind, from watching hundreds of pro-Israel demonstrations that these good people didn’t start a damn thing, the man in question came over to start a row, hurling verbal abuses and kicking stuff over, when he was held to keep him from doing more damage, he bit the man holding him back. KGS

NOTE: The judge should be ashamed of himself, not only did he close his eyes to the truth of the incident, he helped to set up the next violent scenario when this man, or others, become more emboldened to attack pro-Israel supporters.

SOAS ‘biter’ acquitted of assault

A PhD student who bit a pro-Israel campaigner on the cheek at SOAS Israel Apartheid Week has been acquitted of assault.

Mohamed Abdelkarim was accused of biting Dean Gold on the face during a tussle on March 20 last year, while Mr Gold was filming a man at the event who was making obscene remarks about the Holocaust. After Mr Abdelkarim knocked the camera out of Mr Gold’s hand, both accused the other of throwing the first punch.

Mr Abdelkarim said the bite had been in self-defence, as he was immobilised by Mr Gold.
Both were originally charged with assault, but charges against Mr Gold were later dropped.
Three witnesses from the pro-Israeli campaign outside the university gave evidence, as did others attending the event.

District Judge James Henderson said political points of view of the witnesses had affected “what they saw and what how they interpreted it.”

But Kuwait-born Mr Abdelkarim, 44, a father-of-two and part time university lecturer, was “consistent and believable”, the judge said. He said: “I cannot be sure that Mr Abdelkarim was not acting in self-defence. The prosecution have not achieved that.”

A second charge of criminal damage to Mr Gold’s flip camera was also dismissed, as Judge Henderson said there was not proof cosmetic damage to the camera was not caused during the 10 months it was in police care.


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  1. Weird, very weird. They can’t be sure if he was not acting in self-defense?

  2. That cannot be halal. Mohamed Abdelkarim is hell bound – insh’allah.

    lan astaslem

  3. Abdelkarim was the only one to claim he was held and immobilised, concussed and struggling to breath, leading to him biting Dean Gold at least twice . Three prosecution witnesses gave testimony under oath that Abdelkarim attacked unprovoked.

    1. Thanks Martin, clearly the judge had a political bias and chose to make it just a “he said/she said” type of case, in spite of the overwhelming evidence. Justice was denied in court that day, and the perp is now elated, and thumping his chest. I fear for the next time pro-Israel folks are out exercising their free speech rights and are attacked once again by him, or someone like him. The judge bears a partial responsibility for it.

  4. Interesting. Can’t imagine something like this happening here in NYC. But NYC is a civilized city with a robust constabulary and a reasonably honest court system.

    The French Jews are mostly gone from France. Moved to Tel Aviv. Montreal. New York Los Angeles. And not because of Muslim violence. The Jews are gone because the French police and the French courts don’t protect Jews. French Jews don’t enjoy the protections French Catholics take for Granted. Dryfus-like Jewish fantasies to the contrary, French Jews are not French and never were.

    Are British Jews British? Doesn’t look like it from here.

    Jews are always the first victims of tyranny. The Jewish flight from Europe is a harbinger of a much larger migration of Christians to follow. American politicians aren’t prepared for it but some of us ordinary citizens are.

    When those nice French Catholics come knocking at our American door we will have a proper response: Sorry, we’re full up. Find yourself a nice Catholic Banana Republic somewhere south of our border to live. The English can go to Australia or New Zealand.

    The last thing America needs is an invasion of politically and socially diseased Europeans fleeing from a Muslim Europe they were too cowardly to protect.

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