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The question is, why would any rational, sane minded parent deem raising a child according to its proper gender, wrong? The answer is pseudo science, a product of Left-wing nut-jobs (Marxist professors) who wanted to tear down every existing Western value and institution and replace it with anything that they themselves could conjure up to replace the proletariat. It comes from ‘Critical Theory’, the hallmark of the Marxist ‘Frankfurt School’. KGS

Boy or girl? The parents who refused to say for FIVE years finally reveal sex of their ‘gender-neutral’ child


Last updated at 1:04 AM on 21st January 2012

His fairy wings, pink tutu and ballet pumps suggest this little boy has raided the dressing up box. But if five-year-old Sasha wanted to wear this every day, his parents would have no problem at all. In fact, as they are bringing him up to be ‘gender neutral’, they would see it simply as their son expressing himself.

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2 Responses

  1. What will tell the story is when this child grows and has his say.

    There are two lesbians in CA who want a sex change and hormone treatments for their 10 year old son!!

  2. This pair have possibly had one cone too many.

    Just imagine the psychological problems this child is going to have by the time he reaches the teen years.

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